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    Since I was a child I was suffering from bronchies and then they did not treat me in time it transformed in ASTHMA this recupertio into my life so I was a sportswoman that fascinates me the volleyball, the bicycle and I like to run, but for my disease I wave myself very much and cannot do the activity necessary for this discipline since I was feeling that I could not make what I wanted to do I felt frustrated and I was saying: In order that to live if I am going to be humbled in my bed without being able to breathe and worry my parents. (I was felt very badly).

    Then I put to see a way of relaxing and to stop thinking so neither to the beach might go and shelter in the Internet and there I could find a natural medicine called ASTEXPECT quite enclosed It is a nourishing supplement,100% natural and 100 % organic without preservantes not even additives. I decided to tried the product to the beginning it seemed me ugly and bitterly but continue taking and after15 days I had felt much better the phlegm was eliminating of few ones, I was feeling with more energies and return to being born again doing really I want, now already I do not need any antibiotic and feel much better thanks to the natural medicines. Now I can go to different places like music concerts of Robbie Williams, Shakira, I can go to the beach,to the park,etc.

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