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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by woofmom, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. woofmom

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    I remember reading an article about a year ago. It stated that God or Mother Nature put something on this Earth that would cure anything. The more I investigate, the more I believe this is true.
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    That is so funny. I am discovering the same thing. And it all seems so simple / logical now ...

    Have you heard the debates over what is healthy to digest and what is not ? I heard honey was not meant to be digested the other day. I haven't researched it, but it got me to thinking about other things ...

    Those health nuts have gotten undue criticizm from me from me for years ...

  3. Hope4Sofia

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    I want to cure myself naturally but am having trouble. Supplements don't seem to make any difference for me. I think they just pass on through.

    I'm having trouble controlling the hypoglycemia with diet. Nothing seems to get it under control.

    I know I'm having problems with my adrenal glands but I'm finding the methods for healing overwhelming.

    I'm soooooo very tired. I wish I could find help.

    What are some of your suggestions. What is working for you.

  4. woofmom

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    Do some research on Mark Sircus. His information is amazing. Also, researchers are finding that diabetes is a nervous system disorder. Scientist in Toronto are having amazing results using capsacin (hot chili peppers).
  5. pw7575

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    I am with you on this. In the past I have been open minded about natural remedies but never really investigated them that much or thought that they could be as powerful as I now think they can be.

    I have never been one who liked taking medications either. I always seemed to have side effects and many made me feel kind of yucky.

    Now that I have CFS and have poor med tolerance I have started looking into more natural things. Like you I feel that the more I read the more I also believe your statement is true.


    Sorry you are having such a hard time :( I have been reading other posts on the board about better absorption.

    Maybe the supplements would help you much more if you could absorb them better. Others like stormyskye have talked alot about probiotics and green food supplements. I believe both of those things are supposed to help you better absorb the supplements so they can actually help you.

    Don't know much about the blood sugar issues though...sorry. Hopefully you can find something that helps you.

    Take Care,
  6. Hope4Sofia

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    I will look up Mark Sircus. I also believe there is an absorption problem. I use to take probiotics. I'll give that a try again.

    I do eat small balanced meals through-out the day as much as possible. It helps but it's certainly not a cure. It's always work and I seem to lose the battle more than win it these days.

    I believe my adrenals are fried. I'm trying to look for ways to improve them. I just wish someone could do it for me.

    I guess it's a new year - new beginnings. Time to try again.

    Thank you for your helpful input. If nothing else, it helps to be listened to.

  7. woofmom

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    I'm going to sign up for the newsletter. There's something in it about alpha lipoic acid and magnesium chloride. You might want to sign up too.