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    nkc1: 3.53 (L) range= 6-20%
    nkc2: 0.3 (L) range 6-20
    nkc3: 0.7 L r= 3-33
    nkc4 88.10 H r= 45-76
    nkc5 1570 N r= 750-2310
    nkc6 60 L r= 120-410
    nkc9 L r= 8-170

    my results from redlab
    does anyone know what that might mean?
    and i cannot keep it straight, what illnesses does medicine use antivirals vs abx? like for infectious diseases how do they decide which to use?
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    no i havent been tested for many specific things
    my one doc doesnt know if he recs that because he isnt sure what should really be done with the results, he is in a more mainstream system, i also have access to functional med docs but hvent consulted with them yet about these results
    i do sort of want to find out though
    but seems there is controversy among docs about testing for lymes etc i dont know what to believe
    i know i am tired and in pain alot though....
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    Natural Killer Cell Assay (NKC1, NKC2, NKC3) NKCA
    Three values are provided as a result of this test.
    The percentage of NK cells present in the patient’s blood.
    The percentage of cell-specific killing.
    A ratio of percent cell-specific killing to percent NK cells present, referred to as the Lytic Index.
    Normal Range: NKC1 (CD3-/CD56+): 9 - 21%
    NKC2 (% Specific cell lysis): 6 - 20%
    NKC3 (% Lytic Activity): 3 - 22%