Natural/OTC sleep aids-help!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sacajawea2, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. Sacajawea2

    Sacajawea2 Member

    I'm going out later and plan on buying something from the health food store to help me sleep. It's been a long time since I've had anything natural, and I'm desperate to get some sleep. I have tried benadryl and a similar otc sleep aid that doesn't work that well.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Empower

    Empower New Member

    I have tried :

    warm milk,
    Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc pill

    With some success
  3. Sacajawea2

    Sacajawea2 Member

    Thanks for that suggestion. I haven't tried to drink milk in ages but I've heard it works.
    The combo, I have that here but can't tolerate calcium.

  4. Nanie46

    Nanie46 Moderator

    Best thing that has helped me is:

    L-theanine 100mg 3x/day
    5 HTP 100 mg 3x/day
    sublingual melatonin 2.5 mg, 3 tabs melt under tongue at bedtime.

    You should make sure that none of these things interact with other meds, such as you shouldn't take these with SSRI, SSNI or MAOI antidepressants.
  5. Sacajawea2

    Sacajawea2 Member

    Not sure what a ssni is but I'm not on the others...I'll write this down and take it with me, thanks!

  6. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    i have been using one called Sleep MD, its $14.00 a box and it really works. has melatonin & lots of other Natural things for sleep, you can get it at any drug store or wal mart.
  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I just started taking Fibrosleep which is sold here. Too soon to report results. Various posters
    have reported favorably on it.

  8. LindaJones

    LindaJones New Member

    warm milk
    camomille tea
    hot bath before bed
  9. I'm being totally serious there, though... my doctors have it in my meds, as "5-13mgs" of melatonin, for sleep...

    Because, I've told them such variable doses lately... I used to be able to take 1.5-3mgs. LATELY- (and it HAS to be either D3, or Lamictal- I believe it's a later onset side effect of LAMICTAL, as well as severe* bouts of restless leg syndrome (restless BODY syndrome) ... but, I don't see my neuro for another 4 months (AGH! I've seen him every 6wks-3 months pretty much regularly for the past 7 yrs, this is only 2nd time he's scheduled me for SIX months later)

    ANYhow.... I have started taking 2.5mgs, taking that dose again, (and again, and again)... or start with 5mgs, taking more later, etc..

    But- again- I've used melatonin for years & years for sleep, I tried every over the counter, 3 scripts (of actual sleeping meds, tons of other things used 'off label'), all sorts of other herbs & natural things, and melatonin had always been faithful, - save for meds butting in... every now & then, & causing issue.

    Anyhow- none of my doctors, not my primary/D.O., integrative, neurologist, pain clinic, etc have blinked an eye at 13+ mgs.

    I don't like taking that much either, since, I DID read it 'converts' to serotonin, and- SSRI's, SNRI's, etc are like POISON to me, they cause me seizure-like jerking, rapidly, repeatedly... etc.. but, melatonin has never...

    I still prefer my 2.5mgs, 5mgs at most, and sleeping better than any meds, etc... with NO HANGOVER feeling in the morning/next day... that's a huge one for me... don't need anymore bricks around my neck then I already wake UP with, lol.

    There are valerian root, St John's Wort (surgeons require you to now stop taking St John's Wort TWO WEEKS before surgery- due to it possibly causing bleeding issues- THAT.. is kind of scary), Wal-mart used to sell "Calms Forte"... that worked for me when I was 17,18,19ish..

    Then there's the whole Tylenol PM, Sominex, (a whole gamut of sleep 'aids' at wal-mart, walgreens, CVS, etc)

    But, melatonin, for me as well, has always proven the best, and most effective... as I said RX meds, just throw me huge bumps in the road now & then..... as well as PTSD that has been triggered quite frequently just here lately.

    Anyways, I hope you find/found something to help ya.

  10. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    L-Tryptophan is another amino acid that helps w sleep. My sister tried it and said it really helped. (I don't know how much she takes tho)

    Also, you might consider adding some "white noise" to your bedroom environment. I bought a $20 Sound Machine that plays rain, river, waterfall sounds etc, I love it. Some people just use an electric fan for it's constant buzz.

    Sweet Dreams.......Hermit
  11. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    I tried it when they first started carrying it, and i saw no difference in my sleep :( hope you have better results. I was sure hoping it was going to work. the sleep Md and fibro sleep have some of the same ingredients, but the sleep md has a few more things.
    also the sleep md is extended release, so maybe thats why it works for me.

  12. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    but this is not something you should take on a nightly Kava can help a lot with sleep, but it can effect your liver if taken too frequently (not more than 3 times a week is the conservative recommendation) and should not be taken with other meds that affect the liver and/or alcohol.....I know that sounds like a lot of reasons not to take it, but if you are at all like me and have problems with most meds and at the same time cannot take ANYthing (natural or med) for any length of time w/o it quitting working fairly quickly, then having an arsenal of natural things to take and rotating them seems to help.....all of the other things I take have already been mentioned, but basically I take tryptophan one or two nights, then switch to melatonin for one or two nights, switch to Kava for a night, etc

    oh and I take magnesium daily, bc it helps with a lot of things, inc sleep (it doesn't work almost instantly, like most of the other things, though - it's not a sleep supplement per's something that your system needs on a regular basis to make the muscles relax .....when they are working to do any kind of activity, calcium makes them contract and magnesium makes them relax, so you need both to do anything...if you are deficient in magnesium, they won't work rt and won't relax enough to be able to get good sleep)
  13. Sacajawea2

    Sacajawea2 Member

    Thank you all! I did buy lactaid milk last night but the health food store was closed so I still have time to look at these responses...thank you so much for all the suggestions!

    I'm going to search to see if I still have kava kava, as I used to use that and forgot about it! It's probably old but I'll look!

    Thanks, sorry, too foggy to answer you individually but so appreciate your help!

  14. satchya

    satchya New Member

    I have had great luck with a product called Alluna Sleep which is made out of Valerian and Hops. It is all natural, and you can buy it in grocery stores or drugstores usually right next to the other sleep aids. I took it occasionally during all of my pregnancies and it worked like a charm, it's just more expensive than my copay for Ambien or I'd still be taking it. (I think it's about $11 for a couple of week's worth).
  15. Sacajawea2

    Sacajawea2 Member

    I never made it to the health food store and bought instead a bottle of "Super Snooze" Melatonin. It's got 3mg of melatonin as well as a blend of valerian root, skull cap, hops, passion flower and l-taurine. It does work.
    Now I'm wondering if these herbs could affect one's mood... it's hard to tell, as I'm under a lot of stress but I feel sort of blue waking up in the morning the last two or three mornings...somewhat sedated I suppose.
    Oh well, I'll try it for a while.

    Thanks for all your help. I didn't find the Alluna at all but Kroger said they would order it if I wanted to try it.

  16. Sacajawea2

    Sacajawea2 Member

    It's a capsule...I will just empty a bit out tonight and see how that works. I forgot to list it but it does include Inositol in it as well...isn't that what you take?

  17. astroherb

    astroherb New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I just wanted to let you all know about a new OTC sleep aid that is working quite well for me. It is called SleepFix by NaturalCare. I can't remember if I got it at the health food store or at Wal Mart. Anyway, what I like about it is that I sleep all night long. With almost all other sleep helps, I wake up at 2 or 3 am. so wake quite tired anyway. It has several homeopathic ingredients, plus melatonin and herbs. I hope it will help me to quit Flexeril as it has caused a 15-lb. weight gain that I don't need. I know we are all different, but hope this helps someone else.


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