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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by erfula1, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. erfula1

    erfula1 New Member

    I don't have insurance and I am looking for natural alternatives. I found out today about Malic Acid on Ask Jeeves. It was interesting and I am going to get some tomorrow. I also know about magnesium and bromelain.

    What do you use?
  2. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    I use DL-Phenylalanine for PAIN. I take 1000 mg. daily, but you can take more. Just don't take later in the day as it may keep you awake at night.

    I was told to use Malic Acid about 5 years ago, based on test results from Mitochondrial testing. (Krebs Cycle) It gives me terrible stomach pain and nausea. I am never able to take it long enough to know if it actually helps me. Hopefully, it will you. As far as Krebs Cycle testing goes, I was also deficient in L-Carnitine, NADH, Magnesium, Malic Acid and can't remember what else. If I find the tests, or my list of supps ordered by that doctor, I will update this for you.
  3. floridamarlen

    floridamarlen New Member

    i read in our local paper about a clinical research program for fibro. i made apt filled out all the paperwork and they accepted me for the study. they give me my study drug millnapricin and pain meds hydrocodone 7.5 and sleep med ambian 20 mg er. they pay for all the meds. yes free.and they dont give you a hastle if you use all your pain meds (they call them rescue meds). so look in your news paper or phone book i bet theirs one near you. its been my godsend. i am finishing the firs trial next week and i am going into the extended study. its worth the effort. best of luck
  4. erfula1

    erfula1 New Member

    I am definately interested. I'll check out what I can. Thanks for the info. What is phenlalyne? (Spelling) and what is it used for?
  5. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    I have long list stashed somewhere. but off the top, arnica gel or Traumeel cream are very fast topical relief.

    Magnesium maleate would be better than plain malic acid. It adds magnesium for extra muscle relaxing benefits, and the magnesium also buffers it, so less chance of gut rot.

    Phenylananine is an amino acid, one of the components that make up a protein. It comes in several forms, but the d-L- and d-phenylananine forms are used for pain relief.

  6. Jgavi

    Jgavi New Member

    I hope the natural pain killers help but if they dont there are all kinds of companies to help you if you dont have insurance.

    here is one of hundreds that will assist you with medicationsif you cant afford perscriptions.

    If you can only use natural methods that would be great-Its tough to say what to use because everyones body works differently.

    You should check out and these gentleman use all kinds of natural means, they have free news letters that are very useful.

  7. Tmprincess

    Tmprincess New Member

    I love my Essential Oils!!!!!
    Especially, Eucalyptus & Marjoram!!!

    Eucalyptus is a natural anti inflammatory, and good for aches and pains, coughs, sinusitis, ulcers, and sore muscles.

    Marjoram is a natural muscle relaxer, and is good for muscular problems, sprains, colds, insomnia, anxiety, asthma, and circulatory disorders.

    I could go on and on with these, quit literally. But, these are my most favorite for treating pain! I take a bath in them every night, and notice such a difference in my pain level the next day if i skip a night. I also add a little Lavender, which also helps you relax and go to sleep.

    I keep a little bottle of these mixed in a massaging oil base for massaging into aching muscles when on the run. And DH and i give each other a little 5 or 10 min. massage each night.

    If you are not familiar with essential oils, you can find them usually at your local health food stores. And may i suggest a good book to help get you started on the basics. "The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy" by Valerie Ann Worwood. Look for the pure E.O.'s and not the fragance one's, which are diluted and watered down.

  8. erfula1

    erfula1 New Member

    But I take it seperately. Does that matter?
  9. janana

    janana New Member

    from all the research Ive done malic acid should be taken with the magnesium. It helps it be absorbed into the musles. Go on the web and do some research. Alot of studies have done with FM patients and it has worked. I have noiticed a reduction in my pain since using a high dose. No side efffects. Found mainly in apples.
  10. SandraJean

    SandraJean New Member

    I've heard that pineapple is good for pain.

  11. kriket

    kriket New Member

    I also use essential oils. The one that hepls me is basil. Pure essential oils are not that cheap though. If I have a knot or a real sore place, I can drop a few drops on it and it miraculously just kind of let's go. It's better to mix them w/ salts or a carrier oil when you put them in your bath. They dont disperse well if you put just the oil in the water. Maybe you can find one that helps you.

  12. kriket

    kriket New Member

    I mix mine with epsom salts. Just get you some epsom salt in a small bowl and drop a few drops in it and mix it well. Then just pour it in the tub. You can also mix it w/ baking soda or a a small amount of olive oil or any kind of carrier oil. Hope this helps.

  13. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    Do some research on these, and see if they feel right to you. :)

    Natural antidepressants that may help with pain:

    Natural anti-inflamatories:
    MSM (10,000 - 20,000mg daily)
    Cat's Claw
    Cherry concentrate pills

    Hope you will find something that will work well for you. MSM has been a good one for me. I take 12,000mg. Very affordable. I take SAMe too.
    (gentle hugs) Shannon

  14. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    Here it is:

    here's a list of pain relievers, one or more is bound to help

    - protein digesting enzymes, as good or better than NSAIDs
    (I use ProEnzyme P from the Prohealth store here, best buy my side of border and yours Iv'e found)
    - use arnica gel, I got a homeopathic pure formula and I'm blown away, the pain relief is almost instant and sinks right in w/out greasiness
    - try different painkiller, I find codeine is better for FM pain, by far, than oxy, sometimes less is more
    - try an herbal pain/rheumatism formula
    - homeopathics like Traumeel or Rhododendronheel are great for rheumatic pain

    - I have some thing called Pro Muscle Calm, it has cal/mag, valerian, passion flower, wild yam (progesterone creams relieve topical pain), wood betony, cramp bark, hops and skullcap
    You don't have to get that exact formula, but look for similar ingredients. It will do something, trust me. Only thing i find is I can't take it during the day because there are too many sleep aid herbs in it, like hops, valerian and passion flower in it, which also happen to be painrelievers too, and it zonks me right out. But how mahy would love both sleep and pain relief in one?

    - super hot bath w/ epsom salts
    - calcium/magnesium supplements (some swear they are better than muscle relaxers)
    - rice sock (get a big sock and fill to a comfort level w/ parboiled rice and nuke for about 1 min, will conform to your sore area and the moist heat will last half an hour- better than a heating pad!)

  15. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

  16. UnicornK

    UnicornK New Member

    Go to the drug store and get some 024 or 024 fibromyalgia (they are the same thing actually). It has camphor, eucalyptus, peppermint and a few other oils. It gives a nice warm feeling that extends down into the muscles and joints. I love it!

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