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    most for me.

    I've tried so MANY alternatives as I don't want the pharma drugs for the FM/OA issues I'm dealing with...

    MSM powder, higher doses, works to "calm" overall pain....I'm into 3 yrs on that now and it does help.

    Hylauronic Acid 200-300mg three times per day is helping, but one has to DRINK A LOT OF WATER when taking it.

    I take otc pain stuff, but try to keep it down to as best as I can function with them....1/2 tab vicodin
    2-3 times per day in between everything.

    And I DO BELIEVE thyroid support is needed even though the labs and docs tell us, "normal"....normal balony.
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    I use Vit D, since we don't get much sun. Meriva Curcumin, Move Free, Magnesium, Yeast Defense and Probiotic. Some days though, I feel so exhausted and don't know what to do to boost my energy levels.. Wondering if NADH would help or our own Fibro Boost. The Spirit is willing but the flesh says "Are you outta your mind?"

    Both the Opana and the Nucynta made me itch so bad I couldn't even sleep. TooK SIX Benadryl and could not fall asleep because I couldn't stop the itching. The Opana was worse. I itched AND got really, really sick. Couldn't even get out of bed. My husband had to put the trash can next to the bed. Thank heavens I just took ONE. No more drugs. I feel awful.

    What would you say are the best. I used Fibro Response and it worked fairly well. But there is still joint and muscle. Any ideas?

    Soft hugs,
  3. jaminhealth

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    trying and the two I mentioned above are helping with my pain and joint issues....

    I steer clear of pharma drugs as much as I can.

    Boswellia is a good choice, Turmeric if you can use it, it can mess with stomach though...

    Joint and muscle issues will always be with us until we no longer breath, so finding what you can get thru life with and manage is where it's at.

    My mornings are a BEAR and I work for a couple hrs just to get functioning....ICE/HEAT....
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    Bumping up for the Nucynta inquiry. There are a lot more posts on Nucynta in the PH search. jam
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    Hi jaminhealth- Have you tried meriva? I have been taking it for about 1 and a half months and have noticed a definite improvement in my fibro pain. In fact I started noticing subtle pain reduction in the first week, but they say it can take 6-8 weeks to fully work. I take 750mg a day, if I take any more than that my digestive system really talks to me!

    As long as I stay between 500-750mg though, I'm fine. So the G.I. problems might be dose related for some. If you could tolerate meriva even at 250-500mg a day, it might help.

    It also might have a synergistic effect with some of the other anti-inflammatory supps. that you take, making the meriva and the other supps. together, much better anti-inflammatories. Take care........... Jim
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    Jim, I have taken Meriva and am out of it at the moment....I just bought a bottle of CMO on Deepak's suggestion, and waiting for it to arrive....when I was ordering it I recall that I took CMO some yrs back when my Joints were much better....

    The turmeric/curcumin supps can mess with stomach so I'm careful there as back in the 80's I ended up in the ER with a stomach ulcer due to a pharma anti inflammatory.

    A good reason to keep on the DGL for stomach's called a stomach lining protector.

    There is a new curcumin product called: Pure Tetrahydro-Curcuminoids and I have to read up on it soon, just got the announcement about it the other day.

    The Fibro pain is manageable for me, it's my joints since hip replacement and MOSTLY the knee on the replacement side....I just got back from the market limping....

    I've had two prolo sessions on it and SADLY, so far, it's not helping....I'm seeing my rheumy next Wed and maybe I'll go back to Mesotherapy injections as I've done pretty good with them....but stopped last year as I got a flare and blamed it on the Meso injections....but maybe that won't happen again. Another surgery is the LAST thing I want to do....the trauma from those replacements is out of sight for everyone then add FM and other OA on top... I read so many comments from others who had knee and hip replacements, and omgoodness.....some are really really in bad shape....

    Anyway, I rambled on but good to exchange experiences and I'm going to look at that new tetrahydro curcumin supp. later....jam

    PS: I'm "wating" for the price of Anatabloc to come down as I might go back on it for chronic inflammation...I got 4 good months in early 2013 and then it stopped working and it's pricey.....the company is reorganizing so "maybe" they will give the people a better price....not holding my breath....