Natural supplements that help PAIN ?

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  1. What are the OTC natural supplments that help with pain? Someone mentioned eating alot of ginger? Is this true? What others and how much of it?

    Is magnesium for muscle pain? Ginger , are their supplements? Is there a good site that tallks about supplements and what they help with? MOST sites are advertisements for selling the supplements that I have found. I know MSM helps alot but it irritates my sensitive bladder, but will try again.

    The problem is so many take supplements but you just can't go out and buy them all.
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  2. this is one thing I found? anyone find that tumeric and ginger help?

    What natural treatment of fibromyalgia does Dr. Weil recommend?

    The following lifestyle changes:

    * Exercise. Regular exercise has proven one of the best treatments. Although muscle pain may worsen during exercise, the pain usually dissipates within 30 minutes. Stretching and low-impact aerobic activity (swimming, walking, yoga, or using cardiovascular machines like stationary bikes or elliptical trainers) are often the most effective.
    * Regular sleeping habits. This is critical for reducing pain and improving energy and mood.
    * Relaxation techniques. Meditation, yoga or breath work can help counteract stress.
    * Cognitive-behavioral therapy. To learn how to cope better with symptoms and stress.
    * Acupuncture or massage. Both are often helpful in relief of whole-body systemic conditions.
    * The Feldenkrais Method. To correct poor posture or habits of movement that may contribute to pain.

    Nutrition and Supplements

    * A diet rich in organic fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can fortify your body's natural defenses and healing system.
    * Eliminate polyunsaturated vegetable oils, margarine, vegetable shortening, all partially hydrogenated oils, and all foods (such as deep-fried foods) that might contain trans-fatty acids. Use extra-virgin olive oil as your principal fat.
    * Increase intake of omega-3 fatty acids.
    * Eat ginger and turmeric regularly for their anti-inflammatory effects.
    * In addition to a daily antioxidant regimen, take 250 mg of magnesium and 500-700 mg of calcium daily to help relax and maintain nerves and muscles. (However, Dr. Weil does not recommend calcium supplements for men.) Boswellia and malic acid may also be beneficial.

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    My middle name (ha ha, on my username and in life it seems).

    I just got a bottle of something called

    hi-tech pharmaceuticals

    revolutionary cox 2 inhibitors

    1 888 855 7919

    My friend just sent me a bottle so I can't say it works for me but helps him w/ pain associated w/ FM and MS...I didn't see a website but included the phone number...think he got it from a health food store. I just received it this weekend!

    Hope you find something,
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    I do a lot of naturals, and their fine when you have minimal pain. When my pain is stronger they just don't work. I think the natuals keep my pain from getting real bad sometimes. This yr. has been very bad for me. I'm convinced it's the terrible winter we're having. I do really good when the weather is nice.

    I put ginger that I hand grate into raw honey. The raw honey preserves the ginger so I can keep it for long periods, and it's really tastey that way!

    I use Flexagain for targeted muscle pain. It works pretty good.

    I do massage anytime I can afford it.

    Vit. D in larger amounts is suppose to be good for pain.

    If you put natural pain relief into the search engine you'll find endless suggestions on the subject.

    Wishing you better days!

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    Curcumin and is feeling just great. He has been taking it for two weeks and swears by the stuff.

    I'm going to purchase from the same site he did and see if it will work for me.

    I bought some Tumeric and it didn't help at all.

    My pain dr. gave me a huge list of natural anti-inflammatory stuff but of course I'm having major brain fog and can't remember.

    I do remember she said fish oil is really good as a natural anti-inflammatory.

    Someone posted on here that taking a chelated combo of calcium, magnesium and zinc would help with the fibro but it did absolutely nothing for me. She did say you have to give it a month to see the benefits so I did two months and never had any benefits.

    Everyone is different and if I could get back 1/2 of the money I spent on supplements that don't work would probably pay for a vacation.
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    Curcurmin comes from tumeric. It might be stronger than tumeric, since having just the curcurmin would be probably be more concentrated. So it might help some, but if tumeric didn't help at all, curcurmin probably won't make much difference.

    Personally, tumeric made me herx pretty badly and just from a small amount....but as we are obviously all different, it might be helpful for someone else.....actually based on my reaction, it could prove very beneficial for me, too, if I could get past the herxing part.
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    you should muscle test to see if this supp is ok for you. then do a pendulum test to double check.

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    I just posted this and it show up so hope it isn't going to here twice.
    I just read about this and yes it's legal :) while waiting for the extract I ordered, I went out to my garden and harvested a few flowers and leaves and steeped them for about 10 mins. First time in 20 years I slept through the night and woke up with no pain, it starts to wear off, for the pain, around 1:00. Stuff really works and none addictive and has no side effects. No grogginess, just pain free. No burning or muscle weakness no pain !!!:)
    I did do the self testing and came up really positive from head to toe - another big ol':)
    Also helps with migraines and toothache.
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    I found that helped with pain, even so much that others even noticed, was Natrol 5-HTP.

    Good Luck and God Bless!!
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    Is the one oral I can take for pain relief that does not upset my stomach. I find it helpful, however short-acting in duration (2 hrs.).

    Historically, KA has been used in the East for pain, and is catching on in North America for conditions like OA. Mode of action is part CNS, part block of NF-kB, a factor in inflammation.

    Angelica does not work in the same manner as NSAIDs. FWIW, I've tried herbal PGE 2 inhibitors, & I get the same gut grief/upper GI pain & bleeding as I get from NSAIDs.

    Best wishes.
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    The name of the company is Herb Pharm and you can get it on line of course. I got the tincture and find it really helps with the pain but with sleep it doesn't always work. Same with when I was doing the actual poppy and making a tea. With Chronic Lyme end stage the bacteria has gotten into the brain so am working on pulling the toxins out and I'm fighting a case of Candida..again! So maybe after that clears the sleeping will get better.
    Good luck! we all react so differently it takes some trial and error to find what will work.
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    Hi FibroButterfly. Here are a few articles from our library that might be of help...

    • Nutritional Approaches in FM - Dr. Mark Pellegrino on Deficiencies, Symptoms, and Supplement Strategies

    • Fatigue plus Pain – Fibromyalgia’s Double Whammy and What to Do About It

    • The Guaifenesin Story: A centuries-old bark extract used for clearing the airways – now key to a popular FM symptom-reversal protocol

    • Muscle Stiffness - When It Hurts to Move too Quickly

    - ProHealth

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