Natural treatment for H.pylori?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by RoseKate, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. RoseKate

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    Has anyone tried a natural treatment for H.pylori called Ultralect? I had taken the antibiotic treatment about four years ago, but am getting the symptoms again.
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  2. RoseKate

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    My symptoms started out as a lot of burning in stomach and lots of shurning and loud stomach noises at night. Progressed to pain in chest area and also pain in back between shoulder blades. Had lower energy levels and some muscle twiching too.
  3. Plantscaper

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    Which caused pain between the breasts..sometimes burning, but most often felt aching pain, there..Finally, it was diagnosed and got rid of it through antibiotics..However, I have read since that if I had had adequate acid in the stomach, that would have killed the H.Pylori bacteria..

    I was tested through the Heidelberg Test (measures acidity in stomach), and the results indicated that I had no acid in the stomach..I would, then, surmise that acidity in the stomach could prevent ulcers, which is a stark contrast from what they used the think..that acid caused the ulcers..

    I now take Betaine Hydrochloride to make sure I have enough acid in the stomach, now..and have not had a reoccurence of any ulcers..That is my natural approach..but, Ultralect sounds promising without the need to use antibiotics..If you decide to try it, please let us know its effectiveness..


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  4. tansy

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    it's a plant based supplement that is capable of eradicating H pylori. It's sold under the brand name of Mastika Gum in Europe.

    Would be worth looking into if you don't want to resort to antibiotics again.