Natural v. Medicated Childbirth

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    Thank you to all those who responded to my previous message regarding "Vaginal v. C-Section". The information was excellent.

    A follow-up question I have is whether or not to get an epidural. I would prefer to labor without medication, but I fear that I will not have the energy/stamina to get through the contractions and then be able to push the baby out. I do plan to hire a doula, but I'm wondering if it would be wiser to get an epidural so that I save my energy for the pushing phase. Your experiences and advice would be extremely helpful. Thank you!
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    I didn't get an epidural with either of my children, but it was only because they came so fast! My first one took five hours and my second barely over two. But both times I had given up on my decision not to have one and had requested one, but had the urge to push at that point so I couldn't have it anymore. So basically, for me it was that very last few minutes before pushing began that were the killer. But everyone is so different that you shouldn't feel guilty if you get one. I'm glad I didn't, but if that level of pain had gone on much longer I would have been glad to have had it! If you want advice, I would say decide not to, but if you get to where you can't go on without it, then don't feel guilty about getting it. You can train yourself ahead of time on how to deal with the pain. The best training for pain coping that I found was putting your hand into ice water until it hurts really bad and then doing the breathing thing and practicing sidetracking yourself from the pain. My husband was a great help during labor. When the contractions hit, he would squeeze my thigh as hard as he could, and I would just think about the thigh pain and forget about the contraction pain. Believe it or not, it worked! But if you don't have the baby quickly, that pain can really be hard on you and you might want to accept the help that is available!
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    When I had my son, I decided to do it totally naturally, except for the pre-birth meds, such as Phenegrin(sp). I went into hard labor and after about an hour was really worn out and decided to opt for an epidural. Well, once they got the Doc there to do the was too late and would have stopped the labour.

    Instead I said, *Ok if that is the case, Let's Get This Kid Born* and had them pull me up to the squat bar, three pushes later our son was crowning. My hubby simply sat near my side and held my hand cheering me on. I will admit the pain was REALLY Bad...At The Time. But I survived, and our boy was 8pd 6oz of BIG KID...he still is LOL

    One word of advice, while natural childbirth is a wonderful experience, if you have low pain tolerance, I would suggest the epidural BEFORE you start labor. Once you reach a certain stage, getting one will stop the labour which can endanger both you and the babe.

    Know that you can do it naturally though.(unless there is another medical reason) The funny thing about pain of childbirth, though in your mind you will say it is the absolutely WORST PAIN you have ever had, within hours the memory of how it actually _Felt_ will fade and eventually, be gone.

    To this day, I know that was the worst pain I ever have had in my whole life, but I could not describe it, nor remember the actual physical pain sensations.

    I hope this helps....

    Proud mom of a now 10 y/o boy...who is still a Moose ;-)

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    I have not had children. The friends and family that have ,all say the Epidural is VERY Taxing on system afterwards.
    With that though ,I would think without would be better.The reasom being is ,child birth is natural,the epidural is not.
    Broken body ,or not,If *normals* feel taxing on system I would not want to even imagine how a CFS/FM body would respond.
    Afflicted w/syndromes,your body is making it's adjustments to *handle* the birth. I would go natural.My sister has 2 children. One was 29 min. labor,the second, she deliverd 17 min. after admission.

    Good luck on whichever you choose.

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    for my son.I had FM for almost 5 years at the time!!!you can do it!! god willing ,you will have the strength!!
    Best of luck whichever you might decide!! :)
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    I had planned to go the natural route, but the pain got to me after 7 hours. I had an epidural. It took them a few times to get tne needle in correctly. Although I had no pain after that (during the birth), my first sciatic attack came only a few months after my son's birth.

    It's been downhill pain-wise for me ever since. :(
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    making plans for the birth is it never turns out the way you imagined! I'd planned a drug free birth with massage, candles, hot baths e.t.c.!!! On the day my blood pressure shot up, I had to lie still on my left side and I ended up having an epidural! I still amazingly enough really enjoyed the experience! I had no problems with the Epidural and it allowed me to rest. I had it turned down before the pushing phase so I could feel everything at that point. I'm not aware of any after effects.My son was healthy and didn't seem to have suffered from the medication.
    Basically i think it's best to be prepared for any eventuality and keep an open mind on pain relief. Hopefully you'll be able to decide on the day and your Duala will help an enormous amount too.
    good luck!!
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    Thank you all for your generous sharing of experiences. The information is so helpful. Will keep you all posted. Thanks again! Ramos