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    I went to my PCP yesterday with my notes. I first asked him to let me go over everything and he did and seemed concerned. I requested the Lyrica and provigil and he agreed, I will staggger the lyrica and get up to full dose 3x150mg in a week. He gave me the 200 Provigil so I cut it in half this am. I had to go to work and thought I would ease into. SO far I am good. He also wants me to stop taking vicodin as needed as I have bbendoing but to take it regurlaly 3x a day. He said it had been found to help FMS patients to keep a regular amt of pain med in system so I will start that in a few days after I have beenon the lyrica and provigil for a few days. He also gve me a zpack antibiotic for stubborn sinus infection. Thank God for insurance but the 3 still cost $130.00.

    I do feel more awake than usual. Thanks for listening. This board has been such a lifesaver to me and I do appreciate you being concerned and asking me to let you know how it went.
    I am in rainy NC. Where are you located? I look forward to your response.
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    Thanks you for all your kind words. I already think the Provigil is helping me to be clearer and more awake. I just hope it doesnt keep me awake. This board has definitely cost me a lot of $$ because things I here working for others I want to try. After reading the post abt the chiro helping TMJ, I have made an apptment for tomorrow. I told the nurse all my ailments and she said he could handle. We will see....the idea of him adjusting my sore jawa doesnt seem to pleasant. I will let you know on Friday how it went.

    Hopw you are felling well.

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