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    Hey all!
    Generally a lurker, though I have posted my situation a couple times.
    Well, yesterday went to see a local naturopath/homeopath doctor; he's also an MD.
    He knew right away I'd had mono, and declared that I was tired. :) Well, that's true.
    I saw on my chart, under pending diagnosis, "CFS". Not surprised to see that, as I've suspected
    it for months.
    His first plan is to get my immune system back up to speed. I'm on several supplements, probably
    for 6 months. He also put me on natural thyroid grains, just a tiny dose. I certainly do have the
    symptoms of hypothyroidism.
    I'm also on an immune strengthener, a couple things to strenghten the heart, one for circulation, and
    a couple for the colon.(I think I have IBS as well.)
    I'm also planning on a colonic and some reflexology treatments.
    Anyone out there going this route? Has it worked, and for how long? Did that reverse theory hold out;
    the symptoms come back to you, but in the reverse order they appeared? I'm worried about that.
    I hope someone responds.
    Bye all.