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  1. Jellybean25

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    Hey Guys,

    Well, I am sure you can all relate to my situation. I have had various doctors attempting to assist me with my Fibromyalgia and other issues. I have only had one decent doctor my entire life. She was a nurse practicioner to my ACTUAL doctor but I liked her MUCH , MUCH better. She had excellent bedside manner(hard to find anymore), and she really listened and was willing to try new things. She also wasnt trying to shove drugs down my throat. Since I think it is darn-near impossible to find a regular doc, I found a naturopath that I am excited to see. I have heard nothing but good things about him. Naturopathic docs work WITH your body not against it like traditional. They are also not FDA slaves so they dont try to be drug pushers.
    Curious, What are your experiences with various Natural docs and your FMS/CFS? I'd love to hear how they have helped you and what methods they have used !!! :)
  2. Clay2

    Clay2 New Member

    I always thought naturopaths were vaguely weird until I got this disease. After paying a ton at FFC for testing, I took the results to a naturopath covered by my insurance, and she has treated most of the problems FFC found.

    I find her to be far more caring and thoughtful than any of my 'regular' doctors.

    I think the many changes in modern medicine that have been brought about by lawyers, the FDA, big Pharma,insurance and the medical establishment have left a huge void. Naturopaths seem to be trying to fill it, and doing a darn fine job in my opinion.

    I have myofascial pain, and my physical therapist is also a favorite provider. She has done far more for me than any doctor.

    Most doctors remain ignorant about food issues, muscles, pain management. Somebody has to step in.
  3. Jellybean25

    Jellybean25 New Member

    very helpful and well written Clay. I totally agree, docs do seem to be ignorant of the very basics of medicine, how the BODY actually works!
    Thanks for the input and welcome more !
  4. pam_d

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    For FM, naturopathic care has really helped me, particularly NAET natural allergy treatment.

    Some traditional medical docs have helped FM patients, though...and are extremely valuable for things like cancer, particularly the type I had; I'd be dead now if I'd gone "alternative" then...

    After getting into remiassion, though, I used things like supplements (probiotics especially) to help my body heal from the toxicity of chemo. It saved my life, but takes a toll on the body, naturally.

    So, for me, there's value to both, and even just for FM or CFS, I'd never say "never" to either type of treatment...

  5. mbofov

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    First, I tried regular docs for several years when I first started getting sick, and they were absolutely helpless. They did nothing for me.

    The first person to really help me at all was a chiropractor who did a form of energy testing called Contact Reflex Analysis. He found my very weak adrenals, helped me enormously with myriad digestive problems, using natural supplements, helped with a liver detox for severe congestion, and many other things. I would have been so much worse off without him. And for those who keep saying, GO TO YOUR DOCTOR, I DID go to my doctor first for all these things. But I finally gave up on them when they couldn't do a thing for me, and I was getting so much help from the chiro. The docs didn't know anything about adrenals, or toxic livers or nutrition, and so on.

    Well, I do have one doctor who is an anomaly - he is extremely knowledgable about nutrition and supplemnets, etc. but I think he is literally one in a million, or at least a 1,000, but my chiro and his energy testing still was able to help me with several things when this guy couldn't.

    I did see a naturopath a couple of times and in general had a good experience. It was interesting, though, because when she saw all the supplements I was taking, she looked at my list carefully and then told me I had done my homework. Well, much of my homework was helped out by the chiropractor.

    Naturopaths I think in general are very knowledgable about nutrition and how the body actually works, and I think it's an excellent way to go. I think their philosophy is to promote health, as opposed to cure sickness.

  6. gapsych

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    I would highly recommend Edzrd Ernst Md's book called "Trick of Treatment"

    Dr. Ernst is the world's first professor of alternative medicine. He practiced medicine for many years, including alternative therapies.

    He founded a research group to test the scientific validity of alternative treatments.

    According to Dr. Ernst, treatments that were originally considered alternative and proven that they do work, are now considered traditional medicine.

    It's a very interesting read.

    Take care.
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  7. dardenburns

    dardenburns New Member

    Naturopaths have some real insights in treating fibromyalgia. Specifically adrenal exhaustion, Wilson's Syndrome, digestive problems, etc. They tend to be very empathetic and good listeners. And most important their treatments are not harmful like drugs. The breakthroughs in medicine for chronic illness are done by those who are open minded and practicing alternative medicine. To learn more about things that really work check out my blog:
  8. joetonya

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    My mom called her naturopathy doctor in Florida, who also owns an Alternative Medicine store. His name is Jim Hill and his phone number is: 850-531-0930. My mom told him my symptoms of severe weakness and fatigue, flu-like symptoms, along with all over body pain and he recommended the following supplements, which works for everything else, but my body pain.
    Moducare 3xday
    Nature's Plus Adult mutil vitamin 1xday
    Shot-O-B12 5,000mcg 2xday
    Co-Q-10 200mg 2xday
    AdrenERGIZER 3xday
    I also have trouble sleeping at night, like most FM patients do. So I take Power To Sleep PM 1-2 tabs before bedtime. When I went to my local health food store the employee recommended Mangosteen Juice for inflammation. He said to mix a shot of the Mangosteen Juice with a glass of grape juice. It has helped take away my inflammation. The supplements are expensive, but it is well worth it. It takes about two weeks before you start feeling better. Ask your doctor before you start taking any supplements and good luck!
  9. jabuaisha

    jabuaisha New Member

    That number you listed is in my city as a matter of fact but I have never heard of this Dr. Do you know what the name of the alternative medicine store is? Our town is not that big so I'm wondering why I haven't found this Dr. yet. Thanks!
  10. quanked

    quanked Member

    I saw one 2 or 3 times. In the end, he pushed lots of very expensive supplements, was not attentive, and I was very disappointed with his assessment abilities. He reminded me of white male privilege to the nth degree. His paternalism reminded me of the male MD's I have seen over the years. He was not for me.

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