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    today is day 2 of being totally off effexor. I did not quite cold turkey, I weaned down slowly, my last dosage of 18.7 mgs for about 1 wk. I am really dizzy, light headed, and having loose stools and lots of nauea. No puking yet tho.
    Is there anything I can do to easy these symptoms? I know they aren't near as bad as they could be, according to what I've read, no brain zaps or anything like that.

    So far I've been taking travel tabs for the nausea and dizziness, and T3's for my headache and bodyaches. I don't know where my FM is starting or my withdrawls stopping.

    For those of you who have gone thru this what have you done to ease your symptoms?

    Please, no posts about what I am doing wrong and why did you do it. I need positive and encouraging responses! Thanks!

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    As I have recently posted, I read a article last week that Effexor is one of the most difficult AD's to stop due to its short "half life".
    Many psyche doctors have stopped prescribing it.
    They recommend to go on Prozac for a while (from Effexor), then taper off the Prozac which is much easier.
    Prozac has a longer half life and that makes it easier to stop.
    One lady wrote she stayed on Effexor because of the problems trying to stop.
    I would call your pharmacist and ask their opinion.
    Good luck....
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    I went off Effexor XR last month. I was on 75 mg for about a yr and a half. It was not fun, but now I am through it and so glad that I went off. I would be hard pressed to ever take that drug again. I weaned also and did the same as you...Dramamin and found some homeopathic oil that goes behind your ear to help with the nausea and lightheadedness. Did it help? I think it did. I do get car sick alot and we were on a vacation for one week, so we did quite a bit of driving. Of course, I was a little queasy, but I survived. Hang in there. It is totally worth it. After weaning way way down I threw the rest away so I would not be tempted to take some. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. This is one heck of a nasty drug. I read about some people going on Prozac to help them through the EFX withdrawals as Prozac has a much longer half-life than EFX. Good luck and just know that what you're going through now is worth off EFX is better (-:
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    You did nothing wrong; it's just a really hard thing to do. It mostly just takes time. I think you are doing pretty much what you can. Try to rest and get lots to drink so you can pee it all out!!
    Hang in there, it will pass!

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    Hi Raz
    I am doing the same as you my Doctor told me to go Cold Turkey.
    my 1st full day without is today.just a lot of really bad burning in my chest but thats all so far.
    I keep you in my prayers and check back in a couple days hope you do ok
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    Like others said, Prozac can help, and it is much easier to get off. I did this personally, and it definately helped.

    Rest as much as you need and support your body- eat right, ect.- until it passes. Improving the rest of my health- I used whole food supplements- really lessened the effect of my withdrawal.

    Good Luck!

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    I had to get to bed cause I was so dizzy and nauesas. I was there for a good 3 hrs. I think I will be sticking to toast and the like till the nausea settles. I really don't think I will try Prozac, as compared to some people this is nothing!

    I've been on effexor before and had no troubles going off. Go figure, eh? Of course, I was in better shape at that time. I have a massage appointment tomorrow, its a good thing I have a daughter old enough to drive as there is no way I am getting behind the wheel!

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    Is it possible to do every other day on the 18.7mgs for at least a week, maybe 10 days?

    Then do every 2 days for a bit? Do you have any of them left?


    Nancy B.
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    not any better than yesterday. Got my daughter to take me to the dr and she gave me something for the dizziness and neausea , but I can't really say it is helping.

    My head really hurts and feels like it is going to explode, my eyes feel like they are going to pop out of my head.

    The dr said I could go back on for a bit longer, but I said no way, I took time off of work to deal with this. WHY would I want to prolong it? The pharmasist says the effexor stays in your body for about 1 wk after you stop taking it.
    The band "Loverboy" is in our city tomorrow night for our "Harvest Festival" its our centenial, and I wanted to go see them and "relive" my teens, but there is no way I can go.
    This is NOT fun
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    Nanjee. I need all the prayers I can get right now. I know this too shall pass, but it can't go quickly enough
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    I've been on effexor only 2 months now. I actually only have like 5 pills left before being on the 2 months. I was wondering if you (or anyone else out there) had problems w/ it causing EXTREME tiredness? I am sleeping like 16 hours out of the day! I cannot stay awake. Anytime I sit down to watch TV, or read, I'm out. For HOURS... Yesterday, I had been awake most of the night before -I have chronic insomnia anyway. At 7am I finally fell asleep on the couch. Next thing I know, I hear my hubby come home from work, It was after 4pm! I had slept the entire day away. I have been sleeping LOTS, but that was the 1st time I actually slept that late in the day. I'm ready to go off it, & go back on Prozac. It worked well for me, I just stopped due to the sexual side effects (or shall I say None)!
    Good luck w/ your withdrawal, I hope it gets better for you. Let me know if you have had any of these problems, Thanks, & I'll keep you in my thoughts! Hugs...
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    I recently encouraged my husband to go off this medication and we weaned him off of it slowly too.

    But...he kept wanting to take another one like it was some kind of high or something, it was really strange, like his body was calling for it.

    He started taking 5HTP when he was off the Effexor, sort of works the same way but naturally.

    Do you have something like this planned?

    I don't even want to think about stopping my Effexor, I've been on it for over 3 years but I'm not having any problems with it.

    Hugs and hang in there,

    Nancy B.
  14. I went off effexor and it was terrible, but then I noticed I actually started feeling more energetic, so no more fibro drugs for me, too many side effects and they don't help me. good luck.
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    its still tough going. Not feeling much better. Still dizzy and nauseas. Hubby got me chicken noodle soup, homemade, not from a box. Hope I at least lose some weight thru all this. I'm supposed to have a colonoscopy next week Thursday. I don't know if I will be up to it or not.

    Ive spent a good portion of my day in bed again. I guess that a good place to be. I'm on my way back. At least I've been able to sleep which is good. But I've been dreaming so much, almost like its science fiction type dreams. very interesting.

    Will let you know tomorrow how thing are going.

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    I weaned myself off of Zoloft, and did have some problems, but not as bad as yours. Go up from the 18.7 for a few days again to ease the symptoms, and then slowly back down again. There is also a great website regarding tapering off medications: This site is quite specific about how to do it. Every time you lower your dose, I believe you should stay at that dose for at least a week. Slow does it. I was successful, I think it took me 5 - 6 weeks. Write it all down on your calendar. Makes it easy to remember.

    Check out that website, and good luck. Marie
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    The one thing that helped me coming off of those nasty drugs was acupuncture. I had never tried it but it did wonders for me. good luck I know the feeling, and youll make it through!
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    I guess you didn't read all of my postings. today is day 5 of being totally off effexor. I am NEVER going back on it. I just pray my hubby never has to go off of his effexor, as he is on 600mgs! He has very resistant depression, and it seems to be the only thing that helps. I pray it keeps working for him

    Today has been slightly better. I cleaned up my kitchen which was a no-no, as I promptly felt very sick to my stomach and dizzy again. I went back to bed for a few more hrs. My back was sooo sore from being in bed so much! You know I'm pretty sick if I'm spending most of my day in bed!

    I am hoping and praying I will be ok tomorrow evening to go to the Chris Rice Concert at our last day of our Harvest Festival and for the fireworks. (Chris Rice is a contemporary Christian Artist) We got about 2 inches of rain thru the night and all day today. Lots of thunder and lightning and even some hail. The sun just started to shine, so it looks like a good day for tomorrow.

    It is so hard to know what to eat when you feel like this! Nothing seems to sit well. I think I may see a speck of light at the end of this long dark tunnel. I will know more tomorrow.

    Thanks everyone for your prayers.

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    and everyone is sick of reading my updates! Oh well, I will still post even if it is for my own benefits.

    Slowly feeling a bit better. I defintely do see light at the end of the tunnel now. I am still hoping to be able to go out tonight for a couple of hours to see the concert and fireworks.