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  1. tenese

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    I've had fibromyalgia for 7 years now and have been surprised by some of the complications that have come up w/regard to this disease. This week I have been dizzy and nauseous; living on crackers and lemon lime soda. I am curious has anyone else had this related to fibro; I deal w/IBS, but never this before.
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    was one of my biggest problems regarding fibro. I even resorted to illegal drugs at one desperate moment. (smoking really did alleviate the nausea).

    What got rid of the nausea (for the most part) was fighting Candida. I was put on anti-fungals and watched my diet carefully. I still get nauseated at times, related to my hormonal cycle. But it is almost history.

    Good luck,
  3. nanswajo

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    Hi Tenese:

    I, too, get nauseaous almost every day. Mostly I can just ignore it because it is relatively mild. Sometimes, but not as often, I get dizzy and it is very difficult to deal with. Fortunately this hasn't happened very often and seems to last only an hour or less. One day both were very bad and it did cause me to throw up. I'm sure it is the FMS. I also get migraines, but only once did I have a migraine where I was sick to my stomach. I suppose it could all be just part of the same dd.

    Sorry that I don't really have any suggestions, but thought I'd let you know it also happens to me. Sometimes that helps to put things in perspective. It is the "you are not alone" category and the "no, you are not crazy" sub-category!

    So sorry you are having a hard time with it.

    Best, Nancy
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    I was diagnosed with FMS in February of this year. Early on, I experienced LOTS of nausea and vomiting (sorry, just trying to be honest). Now it's mostly just the nausea because I've learned other ways to control the v. And I get dizzy, too.
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    I've had nausea since I was first diagnose off and on. The narcotics make it worse. In fact I've gone through many trying to find something that alleviates the pain without making me sick..Sometimes I can eat anything and other times I wake up and I just know I'm going to be sick...
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    Hello Tenese

    I have had CFIDS and Fibro. for about 7 years too. The first three years, nausea was one of my worst symptoms. I never threw up, but I was usually very close to it. It is just a symptom. Things I have tried that helped a lot: chewing gum; dramimine; other prescibed antinausea medications. ARound year 4 or 5 it stopped becoming a major issue. I guess I learned how to control and avoid it as much as possible. Rest is key.

    Good luck. Hang in there. It will get better.
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    I have had several bouts of nausea - nausea so bad that I could not eat a thing! Just the smell of food did me in - ugh! If I ate one more saltine, I would have turned into a box of saltines, yuck indeed!

    Finally, dehydration was setting in - so my doc had no choice but to prescribe me an anti-nausea medication. Unfortunately, I have an allergy problem with most of them and can only take Zofran. This is something that most ER's have to send out to the pharmacy for (so you have to wait) Most pharmacies do not carry this in stock on a regular basis- but will order it for you and can get it within a day or two.(So you have to wait again). I just try to keep it on hand now.

    There are plenty of other anti-nausea prescription meds you doc can write a script for, if you are becoming dehydrated or it persists. You can also try OTC Emetrol.

    Make an appt. w/ your PCP to discuss this nausea problem, you really should rule out any other problems first.

    Good Luck to you! Hope you feel better soon!

  8. jbopooh

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    I get nausea when the pain is at its worst and sometimes from certain smells (I'll spare you the details on that).
    I first had nausea with dizziness (vertigo) that is common-
    My Doc said that if you've had nausea & dizziness before a FM diagnosis- you'll notice it more now due to senitivity in your nerves? huh? maybe?