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    Does anyone have any help for dealing with nausea? I have it almost always-after eating, going outside, after slight walking even. I guess it's just a symptom of when my immune system gets compromised. I've tries peptobismal, rolaids, but it's not working.Help, anyone?
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    It helped when I had morning sicknes but not sure if it would help otherwise. Ginger nut buscuits could be worth a try. I know how the nausea can get you down though, sometimes it's difficult to remember a time when you didn't have it!!!

    Chin up
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    I know there is an anti-nausea medication as it was given to my mother when she had that problem and couldn't keep her meals down. It's been several years ago now, but as I recall, it did help her.

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    I use coke syrup. I put it over crushed ice and sip on it.
    The pharmacist said the sugar 'fools' the stomach and the nausea subsides.

    I do not know exactly what he meant, but it does seem to work.

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    I have suffered with nausea throughout the years, but since I have been drinking at least 64 oz of water per day, the episodes are not very frequent. I think that the nausea came from dehydration.

    If I don't drink at least 64 oz, I can feel it. It is common with CFS to be dehydrated and not realize it.

    All of the tips above are good for nausea. I'm thinking that you might try the water to prevent the nausea. I don't drink diet soda anymore- the asparatame exaccerbated the problem. Over time I finally substituted my drinks with Poland Springs carbonated water. I drink this every single day- 2 32 oz containers at least.

    I have a hard time drinking bottled water, but the carbonated water is very easy for me to drink. I like the lemon flavored. Beware that other bottled water that have flavor also have other ingredients- be sure to check for that! I swear by the Poland Springs water-it is the only water that I can drink and I am in BIG trouble if they stop selling it!

    ** I am editing this to add that during the time that I drank many diet soda's I suffered from migraines and vertigo during which times I took Meclizine (an antivert). The only problem is that this really makes you sleep- which was fine for me at the time. I didn't realize that the aspartame was causing the vertigo and nausea until I stopped. The chemical, over time, I believe caused this reaction. I drank TAB during the 70s and continued up until a year or so ago. After awhile the chemicals build up to make you sick. (my theory)
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    where do you get coke syrup?
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    I have suffered from nausea for years as it was one of my first sign of cfs. Ginger capsules in hot water wiht a little lemon helps like a ginger tea, or ginger tea bags, little sips of ginger ale,but the best is lots of water and no sugar. I also found keeping yease, sugar, flours, etc out of my diet really helps. Isit worse if you are getting a herx reaction? like from a yeast die off? that is when mine is bad. Keep the body flushed and bowels moving. Magnesium seems to help if you can tolerate it. There are antinausea meds but they are bandaids. Try diet. Good luck. It is awful to feel nausea "sick" all the time.
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    They put the "good" flora back in the colon. This site sells a kind that does not have to be refrigerated and yet still works well. Jarrodophosis EOS.

    I agree that some things just mask it. I had it for years..yuk. I was given the RX of Phenergan syrup which helped but my problem was tachycardia (racing heart),

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    Sometimes chamomile tea helps me with nausea. Ginger helps sometimes too, but it has to be really strong. Buy it fresh in the produce section and slice off a small amount and put it in hot water. It has a very strong taste, so it may be harder to tolerate the taste. (My doc was the one who recommended the fresh ginger.) So sorry you are experiencing this. Hope this helps! Warmly, Erika
  10. Coke syrup, its behind the pharmacy counter, but not a prescription and its inexpensive I pay anywhere from 99 cents to 1.99 for 4 oz bottle. Also try peppermint tea.
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    One of the best and oldest home remedies for nausea is ginger. Eating a small piece of fresh or pickled ginger usually helps the nausea to subside. Additionally, ginger tea can be made by boiling fresh ginger in water and adding honey or milk as desired.

    Mint is a soothing herb which can help calm and settle the stomach. Peppermint or spearmint tea can be very effective in soothing nausea. Peppermint oil can also be used as an aromatherapeutic cure.

    Another old home remedy for nausea is lemon. In some cases, merely smelling a freshly cut lemon can be helpful. Lemon juice mixed into warm water and sipped slowly works as well. Other warm liquids, such as broth, warm milk or tea, can also help to calm the stomach.

    Coke Syrup has worked for me also. It's available OTC at any of the drug stores.

    Saltine Crackers are effective as well.

    Hope you feel better soon!