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  1. lobojen

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    I've been nauseas on and off since the begining of October and I don't know what to do about it. At first I thought I just had a stomach bug, and then I thought it might have been one of the medications that I was taking. I was taking Amatriptylin and I started out at 75mg but then after still not sleeping the Dr. upped my dosage to 150mg. I gained 10 lbs after my dosage was upped and was instead of not sleeping, was sleeping to much. I stopped taking it a little over a week ago because the side affects were just to icky, but I still have really bad nausea. Is this common with Fibro? Is there anything that works to releive it? I tried pepto but that just makes it worse. I'm running out of ideas, and it's getting pretty bad, and honestly I'm just tired of it! Oh, and no, I'm not pregnant!
  2. gapsych

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    While some people do get nausea with FM, it can be caused by so many conditions too numerous to speculate here.

    It sounds like your nausea is getting worse and a lot is going on in terms of medication, sleep and weight change.

    I would try to see your doctor ASAP. You might want to talk to your doctor's nurse as he/ she either knows or can access your medical history and perhaps give you some suggestions until you can get an appointment.

    Good luck and let us know how you are doing.

    Take care.

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  3. butterflydream

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    aLong with Fibromyalgia i do have gerd. You may need to have prescription by your doctor.
    For my nausea i take prescription Nexium and Liquid Carafate.

    Keep us posted with what your doctor prescribes.

    Be Well
  4. UsedtobePerkyTina

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    I found that if I get under the least amount of stress, I get a headache. And if it is worse stress, I get nausea. Doctor explained that our threshold for a biological response to stress is much lower. It doesn't mean emotionally or mentally we can't handle it. It means our body response is triggered at a lower threshold.

    I took Cymbalta that helped some.

    My permanent answer was to change my work.

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  5. AuntTammie

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    just wanted to tell you I can relate....have not yet found anything that works, though, except Reglan and that's not something good to take regularly (so I only take it when I am really really badly nauseous and/or actually vomiting) I have tried a ton of things (OTC meds, natural remedies, Zofran) though with no luck

    I also have found that I am burping a lot more, sometimes that is actually causing me to vomit, too

    cannot really tolerate any foods anymore- obviously still eating, though.....and even gaining weight (sucks - at least with the nausea, you'd think I would get to lose weight!)

    anyway if I find somethng that works, I'll let you know, and please do the same
  6. confetti11

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    I had terrible nausea for years that has gotten better. I'm curious how you would describe the nausea?

    Does it feel like a stomach flu nausea would or would you describe it differently?

    What makes it worse or better?

    For example, does eating make it better?

    Do you have lie still so as not to feel more like throwing up or does moving around make it better?

    If you can burp, does this help relieve it?

  7. lobojen

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    Thanks everyone! I tried the baking soda last night and it tasted so gross and I almost vomited a couple times, but after about 10 minutes my stomach was settled. I didn't trust it to eat or drink anything but it at least didn't hurt! I can't go to the Dr. regularly because I don't have health insurance and I am living off of student financial aid. The stress thing makes sence since it's 2 weeks until Thanksgiving and I also have finals comming up. I don't feel stressed about it, but I could see how my body would try to over react to it. As for the questions confetti11 asked here are my answers:
    1) I've only had the stomach flu once and it was when I was 16 so I don't really know what that feels like. But to describe my nausea I guess it would be like hangover nausea, where it really hurts and your stomach feels empty but for some reason you know if you vomit then it would make it feel better, but you can't! I have only vomited 5 times that I can remember (kind of like the signfeild episode!). once from alchohol, once from the stomach flu, once when I had the chicken pocks I had them on the inside as well as the outside, and twice from a food allergy that I have. I"m allergic to almost all peppers and I go into anafalaxis.
    2) It comes on suddenly sometimes in the morning sometimes durring the day and at night. Sometimes it can be the smell of something, like the rubbery smell from my yoga matt or the smell of cinamon spice really gets me. Food sometimes helps, but it also seems to make it worse. If my belly feels full I'm fine, but if I get hungry and start feeling nauseas and then eat, it usually makes it worse.
    3) Lying still makes it feel better and not moving, but the pain is still there. Moving around usually makes it worse
    4) Burping doesn't help but I do seem to get really gassy when I do get nauseas

    Thanks for all the input and support everyone!
  8. Elisa

    Elisa Member

    Hi All,

    Just to be sure -since your nausea started during colder weather - I would be certain you have carbon monoxide detectors in your house and have your furnace checked. CO can cause severe nausea - I was severely injured by CO - and nausea was a huge symptom that nobody identified. Are you better outside?

    To help with nausea, I drank peppermint tea (in cold water all day long) and chewed on real ginger chews (from a health food store).

    Also, since I now have Celiac's Disease, when I unknowingly eat gluten I get bad nausea...

    Just some ideas to look into.

    God Bless,

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  9. lobojen

    lobojen New Member

    I followed the directions on the box, that I didn't ever notice! It said 1/2 teaspoon in 1/2 glass water, every 2 hours not to exceed 7 1/2 teaspoons in 24 hours. Still tasted gross, but if it works, which so far today I have been fine, but been eating kind of bland, eggs for breakfest and a lean cusine beef and broccoli thing for lunch, so far so good. I've also only drank water and iced herbal tea, no soda or coffee.

    We, do have carbon monoxide detectors in the house, and I think my mom had them inspected a few years ago. But wouldn't my mother and husband be getting sick to? I'll ask when the last time they were checked and look into it. can you get carbon monoxide poisoning in the car? My nausea seems to get worse in the car but I just figured it was motion sickness. hmmmm
  10. confetti11

    confetti11 Member

    I was curious how you would describe the nausea you have because for me, it was not like flu-like nausea. I never felt better lying still and almost always felt at least a tiny bit better if I ate something.

    When the nausea was really bad, nothing would make it completely go away. No medicine, ginger, nothing. It really tortured me for years and was by far my worst symptom (that and an utter lack of well-being in general.)

    What is similar to what you describe is I felt worse when I got hungry. I had to make sure I had food with me all the time because as soon as I felt hungry, I'd also feel sick. And any time I got the slightest bit overheated, I'd feel extremely sick.

    Also similar to you, smells or even being overstimulated in the slightest could set it off for sure.

    I would also have nausea "attacks" which may be similar to what you describe. I would just begin to feel extremely nauseous out of nowhere.

    Also, on a daily basis, I was just always "aware" of my stomach. I put it in quotations because I don't know how else to describe it. A normal person isn't aware of her stomach...but mine always had a sensation in annoying and disturbing sensation. Not pain so much but more like maybe a twisting? Churning?

    Over the years, this symptom has greatly subsided...but it can return.

    After about a decade of dealing with this, my educated guess is that I feel sick when I'm too filled with toxins. This can come from many sources but I think my body is too weighed down by fighting chronic infections, etc...and therefore my adrenal system is taxed...and subsquently, my body can't clear toxins like it should. I have often felt a feeling of being poisoned that may manifest itself as nausea.

    Along with this though, I'm also working to balance the good & bad bacteria in my gut which is an on-going job. My balance was way off and also contributed to feeling nauseous.

    As my health has improved, this symptom has improved as well. Now it comes back when I've way overdone it and then I know I have to ramp up my detox efforts and treat my adrenals with kid gloves for a while. It's been trial and error but so far has worked as most of the time, my stomach is okay now.

    This may be more info than you wanted but because I was tortured by nausea for so long, I wanted to share what worked for me.
  11. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    you sound almost exactly like me.....I have been dealing with all of the same symptoms (inc "nausea attacks" which sometimes inc almost immediate vomiting and other times are just incredibly intense nausea)

    unfortunately, one of the things that seems to sometimes trigger the worst nausea is being on the computer......if it gets much worse I will not be able to keep using it and that will seriously kill me (I already limit my time on here for several reasons, but I need my online community considering how little I can get out)

    now, too, as far as foods go, I have also reached the pt where there are no foods that i can eat w/o feeling at least a little queasy (& sometimes a lot), and I start burping after eating, sometimes not too bad, sometimes very badly, and sometimes I actually burp up puke (sorry gross)

    so if my stomach is empty I feel really bad, but if I eat I also feel bad (eating light easily digestible foods is still better than not eating, but it is not good, and there is no way I can manage stuff that is harder to digest, inc all my favorite healthy foods- veggies, fish)

    I have tried everything, too.....reglan is the only thing that has helped, but that is not good to take often.......and I cannot take probiotics (at least not with acidophillus and everything seems to inc that)

    side note: I am a weirdo, I guess, in that I actually like the taste of baking soda
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