Nausia and vomitting CFS/FMS/MPS

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tcpolchies, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. tcpolchies

    tcpolchies New Member

    I often experience nausia during bad spells and vomitt when the pain is so strong, feeling a little better once I puke. What comes up is a clear whitish colored liquid, bad smell, but not like your commong puke. Not sure if I'm explaining myself correctly.

    Anyone else with FMS/MPS/CFS experience these bouts?

  2. Hope4Sofia

    Hope4Sofia New Member

    Well, I haven't vomited but I frequently feel nauseous. I think it is hormonal. I've heard it can be a symptom of adrenal fatigue or pituitary issues. It isn't because of pain though.

    Of course, I used to throw up when I took vicoden etc for pain. They never helped anyway.

  3. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    I really feel our digestive systems can hold viruses and infections.

    I have that problem now am wondering if being treated with anti-biotics might help.

    I am seeing a infectious disease specialist who works with CFS and Fibro on Tuesday. I have heard him lecture it can affect our digestive systems.

    I suggest you see a gastroenterologist and have yourself tested for the H Pylori infection. I get gastritis easily these days.
  4. foxglove9922

    foxglove9922 New Member

    My daughter experiences severe vomitting just as you described when she's in a flare.

    I however have never experienced vomitting due to CFS/FM,,,,only when I have had the stomach bugs going around.

    Best wishes,

  5. caroleye

    caroleye New Member

    ruled out "GERD"? It's become a huge problem for many including my recent diagnosis.

    HEALING LIGHT***********carole
  6. tcpolchies

    tcpolchies New Member

    Actually, this is the first I hear of Reglan as least that I can remember, (brain fog), lol! I used to take neurotin, not sure that I spelled it right. Last summer I got so tired of taking all them meds for the severe spasms/pain that I weaned myself off them for a good while. I felt like taking a break. For the last couple months I been in agonizing pain and had to request a leave from work. For now I'm on IB only and an inhaler when the tightness around the chest get unbearable. I also havebt been keepign up with my chiro and I think this may be another clue as to why I'm flaring up so much these days. I been taking very slow, half -steps when walking. Tired, very tired.

    Hey Spamula and fellow fibromites, thanks for all your tips and advice. Strange, I dont know why I thought that by returning to work last summer, I would have felt better and perhaps not have to pout on this site this year,...funny how the mind copes. Thought I could trick myself into thinking it was gone for good. >rude awakenings<
  7. tcpolchies

    tcpolchies New Member

    Now I feel plain stupid..what the heck is GERD? See, I only go to my GP or Neuro when I'm not recovering well from a flare up so that is far and few in between. I just deal with it and hope it gets better. The specialist I've seen aren't all that either, lol. So one simply gives up with Doc's.

    Whats GERD?

  8. caroleye

    caroleye New Member

    If you google GERD, you'll get a ton of info; too much for my p-brain to list, but it's a "biggy".

    HEALING LIGHT************carole
  9. wish_to_be_healthy

    wish_to_be_healthy New Member

    It takes a lot to make me puke...(I probably should puke more, probably would feel better, but I always stiffle it, ever since I was a kid)

    LOADS of NAUSEA...Especially when I flare...

    I used to take Ginger, both fresh steeped in water like a tea (infusion) or dry added to hot water also.

    There is a accupressure point at the base of your palm, place two fingers from the bottom of your plam, up your wrist, that is the point to push when you are feeling nauseated...

    You can buy "Seabands" for your wrists...they have a "bump" of plastic that his the accupressure points on your wrists.

    I wore them all the time during my pregnancies...and when I flared bad with nausea.

  10. blizotte

    blizotte New Member

    I have never experienced either of these symptoms with CFS/FMS flares but the first thing to do is to check the side effects of all of your meds to see if heartburn (GERD) is common in any of them. Next, see a gastrointerologist if OTC anti-nausea meds do not help. This could be something more than just the CFS/FMS and you do not want to let it go untreated. I do not have many flares that are very serious since I started taking Topamax for my lower extremity neuropathy. It has been so helpful with my other symptoms that my rheumatologist is going to start prescribing it for her patients. I am one of the lucky ones that can tolerate this well but I am at the top of the recommended dosage level and do not know where else to turn to if my neuropathy gets any worse as I have already tried almost all of the other AEDs out there. By the way, my neuropathy came with the FMS.
    Good luck
  11. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    I would not blame this on fibro until you see a gastro doctor and eliminate other causes. You could have infection in your stomach or something else.

    I have alot of problems with indigestion, vomiting ,etc. I was recently diagnosed with Coxsackie virus in my stomach and digestive system.

    There are several treatments but I am going to try a herb called Matrine. (I see a infectious disease specialist for that).
  12. tcpolchies

    tcpolchies New Member

    It is common for CFS pt's to feel this sort if discomfort. I know that when I flare with FMS, CFS, MPS, migraine this happens. Its a catch 22. I was DX with Chronic FMS and Chronic CFS initially. Then a slow progression with other DX's throughout the years. Its a known fact that migraines do cause much pain and can cause nausia. I dont have problems with heart burn so thats out and the only med I take are as needed only IB and take it with food. I stopped the other meds this past summer because I wanted to learn how to cope with my pain and did pretty well with the FMS but when all three DX's kick in I'm nausious, loose weight and very very weak as well as confused. The doc has stated there are no findings w/MRI and the neuro states this is due to migraines and chronic pain. Again, I dont trust these docs as I get different storys from differ docs so I stopped with them and simply lay in bed till it pass. Luckily my daughter shows up to help when she's around. I was goign to ask my GP to write up a prescription for assistance with home health aid (cooking/cleaning), just whne it is needed durring the major bad spells. Does anyone else have home health aid for cooking, cleaning, showering and if so any problems with aid? Im scared to let anyone else in my home and Im more afraid that by admitting to how critical my condition gets how could it affect my son staying with me. I usually make E's food and he knows how to defrost and heat up but for the most my daughter comes to my rescue only she cant stay long cause she has a little one to care for. Any thoughts & advice?

    Thanks for your reply's

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