Near Death or very Frightening Exsperiences?

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    Maybe i Shouldn't Be asking this Question But it seems like a topic that might be interesting for us all to share,,,,,,,,,,Only if you Feel Comfortable!

    I'll Start by recaping (just one) i've had!

    One winter in 1990 i Believe When the Girls and i Moved home for a year i had to make trips back and forth to do buisness stuff (about a 170 mile round trip),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    anyway the snow level was up to the car door handles and was showing no sign of Stopping,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Anyway i Had to Make the trip for some reason that was important (Yeah Right),,lol,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    The snow plows would pass me going the other way and throw snow over the Car Blinding the Driver (Me) lol,,,,,so scary!

    Since there was about 4 ft of snow this would happen often! it would take along time for the windshield wipers to clear the snow off! and also the Ice on the road was Bad!,,,,,,,

    This is a trip that should have taken about 1 1/2 hour's to drive,,,it took me 3!,,,thats one way,,,,,,,also on the way home one night on the same rd,,,,,

    This car kept tailgating me and would do the fake you out pass thing,,,,all i could do was PRAY!! Because who knew who it was or what they had in mind!,,,I was petrified,,,

    This went on for about 5 miles,,,,,Finaly they passed me and took off,,,,,But i must say that was one thing i will never forget! ,,,,,,,,,S
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    That sounds scary Sis!!! I don't have one like that, but yours scared me to death! I'm happy that you were OK.

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    That sounds like a nail-biter of a Montana drive. Glad you made it home all in one piece.

    Haven't had any NDE's (near death experiences), per se, but I've had a few close brushes.

    About ten years ago, in my climbing days, I was trying to descend from the summit of Mt. Sneffels, a high, jagged peak in southwestern Colorado. I had climbed the mountain alone, it was getting late in the day, and I had no rope and no crampons on my boots. After climbing down some near vertical rocks, I had to cross a coulouir--a steep, snowy chute that dropped away from the summit. While crossing the chute, I slipped, and for a brief second, I was certain I would plummet 2000 feet to jagged rocks far below. Had that happened, it would have been a while since anyone found me, since I was descending to a remote side of the peak. But somehow, I was able to jam my hands and feet into the ice and keep from falling. I lay there, breathing hard, with my arms and legs trembling like a jackhammer. I made it across the couloir and then safely down the mountain.

    To this day, I almost feel that something, a force maybe, besides just dumb luck, kept me from falling to my death.

    And hopefully, I've gotten a little smarter since then.

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    yes There are some things in life that Happen to you that make you wonder (How the heck did i live through that?),,,,,,Georgia,,,I remember you telling us about the hostage situation at work,,,,,Glad you were able to Mentaly and Physicaly live through that one!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Ken: Wow,,now thats a SITUATION!,,,,,,,,It's so amazing that you never kept slipping!,,,What a brave soul you are to be a Rk,Climber!,,,,Divine intervention has been there for me also on several occasions in my life,,,,,,

    I'm Sure the thrill you get at the top of the Mountian goes way behond all the hard work it took to get you there!,,,,,Your story was Riviting! How's your Book Writing Going?,,,,(Just a Suggestion)
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    Sis - I can't believe what that driver did to you or tried to on that terrible snowy day. What a nut and he probably thought it was funny. Maybe he was drinking or something. Wow, you and the girls were really lucky to get home in one piece. Some people are SOOOO stupid and think they are hot stuff doing crazy things like that, espp in such terrible conditions. Whew !!

    It sounds to me there were a few angels watching over you all with your scarey experiences.

    Ken - You surely were a brave one climbing up the mountain in the first place but then again almost anything is scary to me these days (-: !! Wow that was some story too. Yes, I am sure that these days you have gotten smarter and much more careful. Of course with all our problems , I don't think any of us would go mountain cimbing, at this point. Lucky to just walk around and do what needs to be done.

    Georgia - Yours was a very different experience. You were so lucky to know just what to do in your dangerous situation, whatever it was.

    I can't think of anything like any of you people have experience. Also,, maybe that is because I am a chicken at heart and usually don't get into any dangerous situations if I don't have to. Don't have to worry about snow in TX thank goodnes.. We did in NY where I was born but didn't drive at that time. No psychic experiences either but it is interesting to hear about.

    Thanks for sharing.


  6. sisland

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    Yes the Drives in the Blizzards are not easily Forgetable!,,,,and Dangerous to boot! Lindy i'm Glad you arrived Safley! What a (you know what Boss) you Had!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I've had a couple like that in my life!

    Granni~~~the second incident happened happened on another trip i Made without the Kids and it wasn't snowing that time,,,,,,,There are some Road Ragers out There!

    I hate driving at night anymore! usualy don't do it unless i absolutley have to!,,,,,,I'm getting on in years!,,lol
  7. Granniluvsu

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    I know what you mean . I do it when I have to and have no choice. You think you are getting up in years. Your are just a kid (-: - compared to me anyway. I just turned 67-ugh. However, if you are like me you feel alot older than you look or your age.-groan !!

    Patti - what kids won't do when they are young and stupid. You were so luck hon and glad you ended upright both times in the car.

    More warm hugs,

  8. sisland

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    Wow now being on a Ventalater is definetily a NDE! I'm glad you came out of that one ok!!

    Pattie~~Wow! Lots of Almosts there! I remember those Days of Driving Fast and almost biteing the dust a few times!,,isn't Snow Fun! I'm Glad your here with us today!!

    Grannie ~~~your right! i feel alot older than 50!,,also the glare of the on comming headlights is to much anymore!
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    It's not exactly near death - except for the "what if" thoughts that I still have but:

    I was going down my front walk one night and my mother was next to me so I had one foot on the walk and one foot on the lawn. All of a sudden my left leg had nothing under it and my right knee hit the sidewalk. I didn't know what had happened at first but we found later that where our houses are used to be apple orchards and there was an old water tank under the yard that had rusted through and collapsed into itself - so there was nothing holding the lawn up anymore. So basically my left side was dangling over this big hole and it was only because I grabbed the concrete with both arms when I fell and my right leg was on the sidewalk that I didn't go all the way in. It still scares me to think what might have happened if I'd had both feet on the lawn.
  10. sisland

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    Wow! now that would be Scarey! this reminds me of a Landlord i had about 12 years ago,,,,,He was always digging holes and fixing water/sewer lines,,,,,,,

    Well this one day (No Joke) he was out useing a Backhoe to dig and fix a Water pipe when he jumped down into the hole to do something and the Dirt Caved in on him smothering him to Death!,,,,,,,,,,So weird!

    His wife who was in the house about 1/4 of a mile away Got a Strange Feeling and went out to check on him,,,,,,,,,She Found the Backhoe running and No Husband in site anywhere,,,,Long story short it was a Horrible Acccident to say the least!

    I'm Glad you are here to share this with us! Thanks! Just goes to show us how Fradgile life is!