Neat August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse Calculator By Your Zip Code

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    Oh wow, thanks for posting this! I had given up on thinking we could see much of the eclipse since we aren't in the "zone". But this shows what it will look like in each zip code...definitely worth planning for. They have the special little glasses at Walmart for $1.00...might have to pick up several pairs for grandkids and their parents (and me and Den, lol!)

    Watch the video, if you have time...very interesting. Oh, it will peak here in SE Iowa at 1:14.

    Thanks Patti!
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    At what percentage will it eclipse in your area?

    What video? The one on that site that illustrates how an eclipse works? It's good.

    My friend in Tennessee will get 100% eclipse. She said she hopes it isn't a cloudy day, and I said even if it's cloudy, at least she'll get to see it get pitch dark as night.

    Her daughter in Texas will only get a 66% eclipse, but that will still be impressive to see.

    I might sleep through the whole thing, haha, since I'm a day-sleeper. But I hope I happen to be awake to see it get dark outside from inside my house.

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    Patti, ours will be 96.4%...a lot more than what I thought it would be. It said I would need to go 84 miles south to see a total one...I guess I will be satisfied to watch from home, lol!

    Yes, the video on the site you took awhile as it had to keep loading, but was neat to see. Apparently, there are many eclipses during the year, but only a small percentage of the population gets to see each one...depending on what area.

    I hope you do happen to be awake, but I bet most of the news channels will show it again and again :) My problem will be remembering to look and get ready for it, lol!
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    Wow, 96.4%, great.

    Yep, it's lucky we'll get a good view of this eclipse from the USA this time.

    And it's so lucky it's during the afternoon, instead of a spectacular phenomenon in the wee hours of the night.
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