neat ideas for Halloween! ANY OTHERS??

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by victoria, Oct 27, 2009.

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    You should all see the insanely/qwonderfully decorated candy skulls made here in Mexico, plus some of the things that are done for Noche de los Muertos and Dia de los Muertos (Nov 1); they have fun and celebrate life while remembering the dead, very different from Halloween in the US:

    this site is from where I live:

    and some other ideas for you for this or another Halloween, costumes/decorations...

    you can make your own candy skulls too, just found this site while looking for above site:

    I'm planning on buying 1 or 2 this year, tho Mexicans don't do anything for 'Halloween' as such, as it is all about Noche/Dia de los Muertos - cemeteries are decorated with huge chrysanthemums and lavish gifts of the dead relatives' favorites... plus private altars in people's home, which you can see at that first site.

    I also love the elaborate but fragile 'caterinas' (clay skeletons dressed in lavish clothing (clay or fabric) but fear buying one because of the fragility. I'm hoping I'll find one I like made out of papier mache this year, or make one myself eventually!

    Anyway, there's a lot of neat ideas for a different twist on Halloween... wonder how Hispanic-Americans combine the holiday with Halloween in the US/Canada???! I guess that will be my next google search when I have time...

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    yes... it's a very different 'treatment' of the "scary" stuff...

    here's a really neat pic of someone somewhere with a neat makeup job, think she was in CA:

    you may need to paste that link carefully, can't remember how to do a link LOL...

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    why some things show up for some and not for others! I re-tried it and it worked for me... wonder if it'll work for anyone. And if it does and someone knows how to make it into a tiny url, please let me know.

    Right now my profile pic actually shows the fireplace in the house where we rented decorated for the holiday... the caterinas, flowers, etc. belonged to the owner. She used to run it as a B&B.

    I will post try to post the makeup/costume pic on my profile later...
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    This won't make sense if you do...

    I'll seem like I'm talking to myself... eeek!

    It IS wonderful that I have internet, and skype.

    When I talk to friends in US, they say I sound like I'm next door...

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  6. victoria

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    appears to be on my profile as others have seen it, altho I still see my old profile pic. VERY weird. Anyway, hope you see it too!

    For comparisons to the clay catrinas that are so popular, here's a pic to compare to - they have all kinds of outrageous costumes, flowers, etc on, including wedding dresses etc:

    sorry you'll have to copy/paste... and hope this one shows up too!

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    no, I supposedly have 2G for my wireless internet - I have a receiver on top of my house that gets signals from the closest/highest mountain LOL... but it can be slow sometimes.

    It is weird is that PH DID remove my old pic and put a generic one up, which I COULD see last night. It's just that when I tried last night uploading the 'clean' pic, the old one re-appeared for me and is still there for me.

    As I said, very weird!

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