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    My doctor encouraged me to try nebulized glutathione, and the stuff came in the mail today. I'm going to give it a try within the next couple of days.

    I did a search on the board and could only find about five people who have used it in the past. However, the response amongst these members was quite positive.

    I thus am somewhat excited about trying it myself, and thus thought that other people might be interested in learning more about it or (if they've tried it before) discussing their own experiences.

    Suggestions with regards to how to get the most out of it also would be great. The instructions that came with it look comprehensive (if a bit complicated), but comments from CFS sufferers who have used a treatment always prove useful.

    Obviously, this is not a substitute for the methyl cycle block protocol, which allows people with problems in this area to better use glutathione. However, it could be something to consider for those who don't feel they're ready for the simplified protocol. I believe that it can be used in conjunction with the protocol---richvank might be able to give advice about that.

    Anyway, I ordered this from Key Pharmacy in Kent, Washington. This seems to be the most common place to get this. (Dr. Cheney, who prescribes this for some of his patients, apparently uses this pharmacy for this purpose.) The phone number is 206-878-3900.

    These were the costs:

    1) 3-month supply of glutathione (for use 2x per day): $107.89

    2) Nebulizer machine: $89.00

    3) Special tubing due to my rubber allergy (I don't know if regular rubber tubing is extra): $15

    4) Postage: $17.95

    The glutathione is a prescription item. I'm not sure how much reimbursement I'll get, though.

    The nebulizer is not a prescription item, but it is a one-time purchase.

    The comment I've heard from two users on the board (in two different threads) is that it helps them to "sleep like a rock." That sounds really good to me right now. I am looking forward to the possibility of other benefits as well.

    Any comments would be much appreciated. In any case, I will report my own experiences as I go along in the event that anyone is interested.

    Best, Lisa

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