neck and back are killing me -opinions?

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  1. Applyn59

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    Hi again,

    Since I took the shower and washed my hair,
    I am miserable. My neck is killing me and so
    is my back. I am very shakey and my fingers
    are twitching or having tremors, I don't know which.

    I have been a nervous wreck since the night
    I woke up with the extremely numb leg (the
    one I banged) and my vision was fading
    or clouding. Ever since, I feel as though my
    eye sees a floating blurry spot. It is not
    a floater - I have those all the time and it is different.
    I was so afraid to go to bed last night. I slept
    on my back with my backlounger.

    I told the dr. yesterday about my painful shoulderblade,
    back and neck. She didn't care. I told her
    about the numb leg and my eye condition.
    She didn't care.

    I have a few questions just out of curiosity.
    I know the answers to these questions but want
    to know what you say. I was at my neighbor's
    today and was telling her all of this. I really and
    truly do not believe that she is saying any of this
    because of liability issues. She always says
    what's on her mind and we disagree about many

    She saw me fall into the hot tub and has a mental
    picture in her mind.

    I went down one stop into the hot tub and my
    right leg slid across into the corner and I fell
    in a V liike position into the middle of the
    hot tub, striking my left leg as I went in.
    She says my back did not twist and my neck
    did not move. I believe she is telling the truth.

    BTW, my right big toe now has an infected ingrown
    toenail that I am starting antibiotics for.

    I told her my back and neck are killing me and it
    is due to the fall.

    She says there is no way that my back could
    be hurt because I did not twist and I was
    saved by the water in the hot tub, which by
    the way, was not turned on when I fell in.

    I told her that I believe my back could hurt from
    slamming the leg and she said it would hurt my
    hip not my back.

    She thinks that my back and neck hurt from stress
    ffrom the fall because of tensing up. I told
    her that I get backaches from tension all the time
    and it is nothing like this.

    My back has been spasming all week my neck
    has been cracking and hurts and my hands
    are kind of tingly.

    My vision is weird. I have headaches and nausea.

    Please give me your personal opinions on my
    aches and pains without any regard to
    whether or not you think my neighbor is afraid
    I would sue. She knows I would not sue and
    she has been the biggest help to me. She worries
    about me and my mother all the time. She is
    really stubborn and thinks she is right about everything.

    I can't wait to see my chiro tomorrow. The dr
    yesterday didn't take anything I said seriously.
    I would have gone earlier except I was already
    getting so many rides to so many things and
    I also couldn't wash my hair or get a shower.

    Please comment.

    PS I also have been making so many mistakes
    in all my emails with wrong words and backwards
    letters. Never ever was like this before -not so bad at all.
  2. Jen F

    Jen F New Member

    is the opinion of the Osteopath I saw today.

    I am fairly confused about my appointment today, but hopeful this doctor might be able to help with my severe neck pain. She figures if her treatments are going to help my problem, I should notice a significant improvement within 2 sessions.

    She doesn't believe in prescribing pain meds [though I was told she is also an M.D.] because that doesn't solve the problem, doesn't fix the problem I think she said. So, that was of no help to me --I want proper pain meds UNTIL the problem is fixed.

    but, she seems to think my problem isn't very serious, doesn't think will require surgery [yipee, oh I hope she is right] and that my severe pain could be caused simply by extreme muscle tension pulling on the bones and stuff.

    My point is....

    that my 7 weeks of sometimes terrible pain [which in her opinion is not long at all] could be caused by lifting something a little heavy, in my case, photocopy paper and a dog cage for a 77 yr old lady who had a broken arm, I didn't want to say no I can't lift that much...

    so, maybe, just maybe, your bad pain IS from your fall,slip. If your neighbour saw me lifting the few things I lifted she might say there's no way my neck should be hurting so much from that, nor my numbness CAUSED by that etc. But the osteopath thinks it's possible.

    She also thinks it's a good idea I see a neurologist about the numbness, tho that kind of confuses me since she seemed to indicate that my xrays weren't THAT bad and that my injury sounds muscular to her as opposed to herniated disk.

    I don't know.

    But, I'll let you know how it goes with the treatment. I start Jul 31 or sooner.

    Try to hang in there and take stuff for the inflammation and the pain, apply heat and see what the chiro says tomorrow.

    Good luck. Jen
  3. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member

    I guess the main reasons I am worried are because
    I already have a herniated back disk and bulging
    neck disc with spurs. None of this was this
    horrendous until the fall. Surely, it cannot be
    a coincidence. The eye thing is freaking me out.
    I do realize that because I am under so much
    pain and pressure and stress that perhaps
    I am getting too scared with everything.

    However, I am all alone with this because I cannot
    tell my mother anything. She knows about the
    toe infection and knows that my back bothers me
    but she doesn't know I fell into that damn tub!

    I guess I am seeking validation. I think I have
    every reason to believe I could have done something
    serious. I think my back is muscular but am
    worried about the neck due to lightedness,
    eye stuff, hand tingling , neck cracking etc.
    I have had hand stuff in past but not in a long

    Oh how I want something resolved.
    My poor mother is worrying me to death.
    I am going to call my brother tomorrow
    and update him on my mother and me.
    I would call tonight but tomorrow is his
    birthday and I will have seen the chiro.

    My brother calms me down. He doesn't get
    excited about anything. I guess that is a man
    for you. He wanted to know if he should fly
    home and I told him no. My mother really needs
    to be alone right now. I am seeking out help
    for her but in the meantime, she is just so agitated
    that she doesn't like to be around anyone.
    She doesn't like me around either unless I keep
    my mouth shut, which is extremely difficult.

    He also said that he could drive to the Lyme
    dr and meet me there if I wanted him to. He lives
    in Fla but works in NYC a lot. I told him there
    was no need for that. My uncle is taking me
    and I don't need to bother my brother with any of
    this right now until absolutely necessary.

    Called lyme dr office today and the dr. wants
    me to take the antibiotic for my infection. The
    woman told me many go for the lyme exam
    on antibiotics and the dr. will send me home
    with lab slips and tell me when it would be
    good to get the tests done when he sees
    me and exact drug and amount, etc.

    My mother is upset that I am going to all of these
    medical appts just when she is at her worst.
    This was the first time I could manage it because
    I have been so sick and exhausted. The hot
    tub is what has made me get better sleep (kind of)
    and a more normal wake up time.

  4. Jen F

    Jen F New Member

    are you taking anything for the pain?

    Definitely tell the chiro about your lightheadedness, neck cracking etc. maybe it's time for new xrays or mri.

    are you taking anything for the pain?
  5. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member

    My percocets are four years old.
    I don't think it should really matter because I know
    they are conservative with expiration dates.

    Are u gonna see neuro?
    I think my situation is different than yours because
    I fell and also have history of neck problems.
    I do think that my back is muscular though.

    My chiro is good. Maybe he could call up
    my FMS dr and get them to give me percocet.
    I guess I could have asked that of them
    yesterday but I didn't want to push it.
    When I first started seeing my chiro when my
    back problems began seriously in 88, he
    could never understand how I could suffer with all
    the pain. I can't even tell you how painful it was.
    At the time, I didn't think any med could help because
    I had tried soma in the past without success.
    He told me that I could get meds from walk in clinic
    with a visit and info from him. I didn't do it.
    I can't believe I went for two years with excruciating
    back pain and the feeling always of a long axe
    in each thigh and painful feet, etc. I could have
    used percocet, xanax and ambien then (didn't exist though) I had so many sleepless nights. My
    surgeon gave me all of those later. It makes me
    sick thinking how I suffered. At least I have meds

    Hope your situation improve, Jen.
    Life is still a hassle isn't.

    My left leg hurt and so does my right big
    toe infection along with the neck and back.
    I am such a mess it isn't even funny.
    My ovary is killing me too.
    I am in no mood for the stool test.
    I may hold off a bit because of all my problems.
    I have to get that kit back to them within
    four hours of going. I told the girl that I don't
    go until after 600 Pm usually and the lab
    closes at 5. She told me that she doesn't tell
    anyone but the lab is open until 8 (the real lab, not
    drawing station). I asked Peggy if she would
    take me and she said yes. She is so funny, she
    said, well, you should go at 4 in the morning and call
    her and then we can go early inthe morning!
    No thanks. Plus, I told her that I don't do that on
    command! She said, okay, do it at 7 pm and call
    me. I said again, Not on command. I can't
    make myself to it! LOL
  6. Jen F

    Jen F New Member

    so, since you think the 4 yr old percoset are probably okay, are you taking some?
  7. kerrymygirl

    kerrymygirl New Member

    I fell the other day and have sall kinds of cervical damage like yourself. I do have to admit Abad fall yrs ago pushed my fm over the edge. also causing added damage to my neck.

    Then I did not know I had fm/just thought it was weird that the 1st few days after a fall should be the worse. not the second week getting worse than I first was. After my experience with fmers with cervical or back prob. They all said it pushed their fm over the top.

    So this is not unusual. Went through 5 PT`s till the 6th finally knew exactly how to work on a person like myself. Remember I only thought I screwed up a bad neck to begin with.

    Took yrs.,alot of muscle relaxers to keep spasm under control.

    It will just be trial and error. If your walking wround somewhat ok, well cra*ola toe. It prob. is soft tissue damage with aggrivation to spine and fm.

    Rest and take care, hope doc. can help you. TP inject. can help too.

  8. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member

    So I guess you agree it would be okay to
    take the percocets?

    I am so tired. I took the Norco earlier but I think
    for bed that I will go ahead and take the percocet.
    Wonder if I should take on or two???

  9. Jen F

    Jen F New Member

    ...and then work up if need be.

    Perhaps some pain relief will help you cope better.

    Let me know how it goes.

    Sad, ashamed, jen

    [mom just got that email a short while ago, her indignant response followed]
  10. Ellie

    Ellie New Member

    of your neck on and off and alternate with heat. You need to take it easy you might have injured you neck more it sure sounds like it. I would push for a MRI and then if something shows up a nuero surgeon. Any weight from any part of your body the wrong way could reinjure your neck, not trying to scare you. Try the ice you want to keep it from swelling, I get the spots in my eyes when I do too much and the light headed feeling. I have a c2-3 herniation and a c-6 syrinx so I have beed thru alot. Take care. Aloha Ellie
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  11. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member

    I cannot tolerate ice on my neck. Never could.
    Just can't take it. I have disk bulge and bone
    spurs in neck from years and years ago.

    Those patches sound promising, Sandy.
    Don't know whether I would be allergic
    to patches, though. I can only use paper
    tape on my skin. THey do interest me.
    I am on medicaid.

    Maybe I should ask my endocrinologist on Tuesday.

    I have done myotherapy in the past, is that what you mean?

    Jen, I didn't take the percocet last night. AM going
    to tonight though.

    If anyone read my other post, I went to the chiropractor
    today. He said my leg was full of knots but my
    neck wasn't too bad. He suggested eye dr.
    I think I will wait to see Lyme dr. Hmm, maybe
    I could call my eye dr and talk to them on the
    phone. Never thought of that. My brain
    has left my head!

    He did some work on my back and neck.

    Oh how I wish he were an MD.
    I am feeling so awful right now.
    My stomach and head and my heart is
    thumping. I am very upset about my mother.
    She is bad again tonight.

    I can't believe how many things I have to deal
    with lately. I cannot take it.

    Thanks for your suggestions.