Neck-Back-PAIN-Peter Egoscue, Pain Free-this is helping me!!!

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    I have been trying some new exercises from a book called " "Pain free"- Written by Peter Egoscue-. He also has a book out for women called Pain Free for women and another book called Pain free at your PC for computer users.

    The things I have learned though is that you MUST be doing the exercises in a certain order and you must be doing them properly to get relief for your neck and back. I cannot tell you how much pain I had been in and that gradually I have been deveoping some strength and relief in those areas.

    Aslo, what I have realized is that I had been holding my pelvis in a wrong position for so long that no wonder my poor body is in such a mess. His postion on our bodies is that we get in the habit of poor posture and we get them all out of whack---well, no kiddin, mine sure is from the work I do. I know I slump down when I get tired and then get all compressed and my spine is a mess.

    One of my patients went to his Atlanta clinic and learned how to do the exercises correctly and then has taught me and it is working wonders for me. You can also send pictures to them of yourself for only about $35.00 I think and they will send you a menu of exercises to do to correct your probelms.

    This is really helping me for the first time in a long while. My chiropractor adjustments were NOT holding because my muscles were pulling them out of place. Now the muscles are starting to adapt into the right places. They are getting stronger and I am gaining strength again. I seemed to always be pointing my feet "outward", which tilted my pelvis- now I am becoming more aware of my postural problems and correcting them. Including where my head is in relation to my shoulders- That has to do with what happens to C1-C2, which is also a major problem for me-

    Hope this helps some of you- This guy is a genius.

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    for Dee33k
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    Hi Dee

    I have major neck/back pain and I will try these out.


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    You can also contact them on the website and they will answer your questions. This is really helping me straighen out my neck and spine.

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    I just started doing these "e-cises" recently, and the results have been extraordinarily good.