Neck Hurts like Hell-o/Update on Dr. Visit

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    Two years ago I had some MRI's done on my Brain, yes I have one, and also on my neck.

    Turns out I have some more narrowing in my Spinal Cord/column( Spinal Stenosis), and I also have DDD, so I need to have surgery for this problem. The C4/5 disc are buldging and lately I have had a Horrible stiff neck.

    I had Surgery on the C-7 section about 9 years ago, and it helped at the time. But now the problem is reoccuring and I dread having to have more Surgery. I don't recover well at all. I work my butt off with the PT, but it still takes longer to get over any surgery.

    I haven't done a thing to cause it to act up. I had a stiff/painful neck on the left side for 3 day's, took my Meds and did the Excerise's I learned in PT. But it didn't help, much.
    Then for 2 day's it was gone, but this am it's back again.
    I get up early, and it wasn't there when I first got up, it started about an Hour or 2 later. Now it's to where I'm gonna have to call my Neruologist.

    I was So Hoping to put this off a little longer, been doing all the right things, but I know that driving that Big One Ton Van of mine is causing the neck to flare worse.
    I'm gonna try to sell it and buy a smaller more comfortable Mini-Van.

    I went 5 months with a constant Stiffneck when this first happened, back in 1993, had the surgery and that's when my Body went to Hell in a Handbasket. The Doctors tore my Right Rotator cuff during the Laminatomecy on the C-7.
    Then it took 2 surgery's to fix that and I still can't use my right arm fully. Can't raise it above my head or past shoulder length when holding it striaght out in front.
    Then I had Knee surgery, and that went badly, took forever to get the knee to where I could bend it. All this took place in 18 months.

    Then in Feb of 2000, I had CT surgery on my right hand, I was having horrible finger cramps, called Trigger Finger, and my hands were curling up when I slept.
    But even tho I had and still have a Great Orthopedic Dr., it didn't heal right. I started wiggling my finger's the minute I woke up, I knew by then about the problem I have with growing Scar Tissue. It took over 6 months for the Pain to stop to were I could weakly hold things. Still have no grip in the hand and I still have a lot of Pain.

    So as you can see, I'm not ready to do anymore Surgery's, I had a Road Trip planned this summer, my lst one, and I planned on making it a FMS/CMP awarness trip if I could.
    I was putting togeather a small info packette along with the Phamplet that we can get from ProHealth, that has a lot of information. Had a couple of Radio stations lined up, in the area's where I have lived before, I use to do some PR work, for a Ladies Christian Group that I probably can't mention, but I alway's left with a "Glowing feeling after a meeting.

    I wanted to ask Jelly if I could get a Print copy of the Bio's to display when I go to the Craft Fair's, and the Medical Fairs on my list.

    See Make Plans and Life happens.

    Well thanks for letting me Vent, I guess I had better call the Dr's office. Gee what next? Just in April alone, I fell 3 times due to the Trigger Points SCM, and I have Blood in the Urine, Again, so I'm back on antibotics which make me sick to my stomach, even with food.
    And I have a Lovely/Ugly Cyst on my Pinkie finger that hurts like heck, and there's basicly nothing that can be done for it now, thanks to good old OsteroArthritis.
    Plus some nice little patches that may be Cyst's also, so I have to see a Dermotologist.

    Father in laws in the Hospital, very very sick and weak from COPD, my Sister has some cellitius that is getting infected, so she;s on antibotic's, and has been in the ER twice, so far.

    Gee What Next????????
    Sorry hardly ever vent, I try to stay upbeat, and be helpful, be even reading a few Post's are making me wonder, "What did they Mean by that?" which means that I will take a break from the board for a few day's, probably read, but will not type. That way the hands can rest, I can sit here and disagree with you, winking here, and not lose my Cool and say something that might Hurt someone else, without meaning to.

    SO if the Know-it-all isn't around for awhile, it'll be because of what I just said above or I'm in having Surgery.
    Hubby will post if that's the case, so my 3 or 4 friends here will know what happened to me, lol.

    God Bless You all,
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  2. JLH

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    I have the same problems in my neck--the spinal stenosis, buldging disks, degenerating disks, bone spurrs, pinched nerves, etc., and yes, it hurts like hell-o!!!

    If I remember right, its at the C-3, C-4, C-5, C-6, C-7 level.

    My daughter is a doctor and took my CT scan results (can't have an MRI due to my pacemaker) with her to a medical convention and discussed them with a neurosurgeon. (I have my own appt. with a neurosurgeon on May 13th.) This guy told her that if it were HIS mother, he would not recommend surgery for her until she was so bad off that she would accept being in a wheelchair because operating on this area of the neck is really risky and you can end up worse off than you were to start out with. He didn't say if all doctors will actually tell you this or not, but he was being truthful with her on their "doctor-to-doctor" chit chat.

    I can't wait to see what this doc that I am going to see tells me. I can't see the doc she was talking with because he is too far away.

    Hope every thing works out OK for you. It sounds as if you have really been through some rough times!
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    i will get back with you on this one.I have had it for 2 yrs
    and am ready to do something (but no surgeons artwork)I understand it can be sooo many things that cause your neck to ache.I have tried ALL the pillows.(don't waste your money),changed bras,took away the shoulder pocketbook.I've done it all.sooo now i am going to the dr.
    Be back later.
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    JLH, that's the same thing my Doctor told me the first time I had the surgery done. That I could end up in a wheelchair and being paralzyed. So I had the surgery and the jerk Tore my Right Rotator Cuff. I have CMP and they didn't position me right and it tore the cuff from all the weight being on it.
    So I'm not looking forward to doing this again, but at least I'm in Ca. now, so If I have to have surgery, I'm hoping it'll go better.

    Chinassa I know what ya mean about the Pillow's, I bought the ones you see on TV, and they didn't help at all, in fact they annoyed me and kept me awake. So now I use one for a foot pillow when I sit in the Recliner, and I use the knee one fornothing at all.

    Moondov, when I was living in Idaho, I had Massages's all the time. My BestFriend is one now, and I went to her when she first started her bus. She Spoiled me, because of the type of Treatments she gave me. Mainly 'Swedish Soft Tissue" massages. I tried some here with no luck, but with my neck hurting so bad, I can get a refferal from my PCP tomorrow, and then the Insurance will pay for it and I can go to this PT place that is Great and I'm looking forward already to a Massage.

    When I first had this Pain in the neck, C7, I went to bed every night thinking that when I got up the next day it would be gone. We all have thoes kinds of aches for over use, but I have done nothing to cause this, well maybe all the falls lately have caught up with me, or else the falls are being caused by the Neck problems. I have CMP, and the trigger Point called the SCM group is the cause of most of my neck ache's, but this time I thinks it's more.

    Hope you Dr. Visit went well today, Chinassa, looking forward to a post on your vist.

    God Bless You,
  5. sapphire

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    I'm sorry you are having so much pain. I'm going through the same thing.

    I'm in Chicago right now seeing Dr. Heffez for spinal stenosis and herniated discs. He also wants to rule out chiari. He is doing research in the connection to FMS and stenosis. Alot of Neurosurgeons don't think stenosis can cause problems like these but Heffez does. I have CFS/FMS and POTS also. Stenosis can also be the cause of POTS. If he recommends surgery, I will have it. I have no life now so I have nothing to lose.

    My appointment isn't until tomorrow but I have to go today and some different MRI's done. I had sent him my MRI's I had done at home and he had rewiewed them but wants others.

    I hope you find some relief soon. It's miserable to be in pain all the time.

    Take care,
  6. kredca4

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    well for now that is. The Primairy Dr. gave me an increase in my Pain Med, so right now, it;s feeling a whole lot better, but you can still feel the deep pain tha is just waiting for you to make the Wrong move.

    They are going to send me right to a NeruoSurgeon, and that could take a week to get an ok from our HMO. The good new's is that so far, I have had Great Luck withthe Dr's that use this HMO, so hopefully, if they do have to operate, it won't turn out like the First did,'They will have to go in through the Front this time, so I'll have a scar on the front of my neck, to go along with the scar on the back of my neck.

    The Doctor, made a joke, that they were running out of places to Operate on me, I Laughed with him, becaue it is so Dang true. My body look's like it;s made of Zipper's holding it togeather, probably is.

    Thanks for your kind replies, to thoes that are going through this at the same time, maybe we could form a Club and compare scars and some good old fashion games of "One up Manship", lol. That's a joke between me and my Sibling's, whe we get togeather, we compare our aches and pain's silly, but we usually end up laughing.

    My Sister is in the Hospital, Gross Mount, down by SanDiego, I think, they just moved. Anyway, she say's they are treating her well, and that she won;t Ignore my advise anymore. She told me last week that she went to the Dr', but she didn't, and then she ended up in the Hospital, because she thought she was having a Heartattack.

    She has a very Serious case of Cellitius, something that folks with compromised Immune Systems should never overlook.
    She treated her self, using Perxiode on the open wounds, all that did was Infect the whole leg. So now they finally have her, and she better be good, so she can get better.

    God Bless You all, thanks for letting me Ramble on, nervousness, makes me yackkity.

  7. sofy

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    I read someone else is trying prolo therepy and looked it up. There are quite a few practioners in Calif. Now I dont know if it will help but before having surgery it seems like this might be something you might want to look into just in case it just might work. I only looked at at quickly but it seems to have little potential for hare unless you count the pain of the treatment and you are already in lots of pain. The cost of surgery is so high for the body that I thought Id mention this.
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    I went through all of the PT and it didn't help the First time, 11 years ago, May 1993, I'll never forget it.
    I went to PT till Sept, of 93, and I was in Total Pain, the whole time. So I have been that route before.
    I am going to call around to day and see if I can find a Massage Therphist, that know's about CMP/FMS/OA/SS/DDD, good luck huh? The good thing about Ca. is there are a lot of Resources.

    I use to swim in the Pool here, but they closed it for the Winter, and I do believe that thoes water excerise's helped me a lot. They are working on the Pool right now, darn it.
    Then it'll take a while to Fill it and Warm it up. Nice thing about living in a Park with Older folks is that , they need their water warm, which works for me.

    The Main problem is That I will have to have the neck Fused, and I'm not a Happy Camper about it, but I will not risk ending up in a wheelchair. I think it's a good thing that I kept all the Beautiflu Scarf's that my Mom had, I'll use thoes to wear around my neck collar. I did that the first time, I got dressed up, and then put on that ugly collar, so I made some fancy neckties for it.

    If you can't Hide it Decorate it.

    Yep 11 years ago Mothers Day, my how time flies, when your Not having Fun.

    Thanks for you suggestion, I do agree with you, but I have been doing the Allternaties for 2 years, and the Doc's won't let me get away with it any more. I thank God, that I do have some very Good Doctors now, I was so scared the first time, only had met the NeuroSuregon once before the surgery.
    This time, I'll know his back ground, because both my Rhumethologist and my Ortho Dr. will help me to deciede, and then make sure that the Surgerial Team is aware of my CMP so they don;t misalign me this time during the surgery.
    One torn cuff is enough thank you.

    Hope you all have a Great day and may it be Painfree.
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  9. Mo22

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    I too have herniated discs and DDD in C3/4 and C5/6. and have a lot
    of neck and head pain. I have had 1 epidural injection with a steroid into the spinal area and will try 2 more injections to see if it works. I am reluctant to try the fusion surgery. I have researched that they are implanting artificial discs across the country at 20 selected med centers as a study with the FDA. They have used these artificial discs in Europe for years and have had excellent results vs. the fusion surgery.The recovery time and outcomes are substantialy better in Europe with these discs. If you can hang in there they are said to approve these discs within 2 years if all goes well with the studies here in the US. Good luck to you. You can look up the artificial disc info and at web site called Spine health.
  10. kredca4

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    I won't have the injections for a couple of reason's. One being any needle going into my back cause's me Big problem's. and I am also allergic to Cortezone(sp?), and most med's. So even my Top Notch Doc's won't do the Injection's. It also dosen't help that much when you have the combo of CMP/FMS, it can make you worse/ at least in my experience's it has.

    I have already put this off for 4 year's, the last 2 yr's has been a real TapDance to put it off.
    I have a need for action now not 2 years from now and I don't even Trust new treatments, silly Huh?
    But my Past, has thought me many thing's, one being, that if they say, "It Won't Be A Problem" or Trust Me", I run the other way. It'll Happen to me.

    Can't even wear my Denture's because of the CMP, and that's been a long drawn out event, I Whined a lot on the board about it last year, but I think thoes Posts are gone, wish the Pain was.

    Anyway thanks for the Help. I'm hoping that these suggestions may be of Help to anyone else who might be reading our Post's, and are in the same Place as I am as well as a few other's. The more Folks suggest other Treatments the more we all learn, even if we can't use the advise, I say tuck it away it might help someone who can't go your treatment route. Life is full of Detours darn it.

  11. sapphire

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    I will be having a discectomy and fusion sometime in June. I have severe cervical stenosis and DDD. I will have a scar in front also. I'll have to wear a hard collar for 3 months. Don't know how I'm going to sleep with that on. I'm wearing a soft one now and it's difficult. Maybe we could have a fashion show with our collars.LOL

    If you would like to read about my visit with Dr. Heffez it is titled "Sapphire" by Alesnoopy.

    Take care and I wish you the best.