NECK Pain and shoulders ... OMG ...........

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  1. I think from the headaches I have been dealing with has gotten my neck and shoulders hurting really bad. I am hoping my dr. will call something in. I have been using hot showers and a moist heating pad but its not helping much. Any ideas?
  2. Mini4Me

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    Perhaps you can go to a physical therapist and get a trigger point massage?
    Hope you feel better soon.
  3. Slangx

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    You should see if your doc can feel a trigger point, and then shoot it with some medicine (I think mine is a combo of steroid and pain stuff). Injected directly into the spot, to make the trigger point ease off.

    But with a trigger point, it's an actual SPOT you can feel. So if your pain is more widespread over your shoulders & neck, it might not be a trigger point, it might be bad muscle spasms instead.

    Soma works best for me.

  4. Aghllw

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    Do you have any tingly/numb sensations in your arms or fingers? If so, you need to see someone. I have been treated for muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders for years. Until recently, I didn't realize that I had 4 herniations in my cervical spine, 2 of which are compressing the C5 and C6 nerve roots. I will need surgery to correct 2 of them, but since the other 2 above are bad, I need it on all 4. I see a surgeon on the 19th to discuss the options.

    I use a heating pad at night and that helps me a lot. Too, like Prickles and everyone else here, I use a lot of muscle rubs. I have found that Biofreeze is the best, but it is a little more expensive and harder to find. I use Theragesic and it works really good! But, it reaks! I mean, you can clear an elevator when you have it on...but it helps!

    As far as meds go, I use Oxycontin 20 mgs/2 times a day, Norco 10/325 2/times day if needed, Robaxin (very easy going mucsle relaxer that you can take during the day) Take 3/day of those. And, occasional Ambien CR to sleep, but am going to try to wean off of all before my surgery. I am going to give the cherry juice theory a try! Read Prickles post on it!! I will try anything for pain relief!! I am just afraid that if I do have surgery, I won't get any pain relief if I don't tapper off of the strong meds now.

    Good luck and God Bless!
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  5. I did use the tennis ball against the wall. I have a tens machine, and wondered if it would help. I have it for my low back, but heck it should work on shoulders too? I am hoping the dr. calls me in something, but her witchy nurse god forbid she could do it this morning since I called late yesterday.
  6. jole

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    I agree, this is my worst problem also, with the headaches. It is there constantly, to the point that some days it is hard to think, and on the verge of a migraine. I know it is from the muscle tension/spasms, which is one of the reasons I had to quit work.

    Muscle relaxers do not work for me. I use a massage chair often, and the heat wraps that you buy on my neck/upper back seem to help also. My doc won't give me any pain med other than Ultram and it doesn't do much for this pain.

    I also have the same pain/spasms in my thighs, but not on a near-daily basis like the neck/shoulders. If I don't have that pain I consider it a wonderful day!!! But do try the ThermaCare heat wraps and see if they help, okay?
  7. bigmama2

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    It was horrible! Lasted for around 10 months and just kept getting worse. Then it did the ultimate flair up and I thought I would go mentally insane from the pain. Luckily I got fixed (thru traction at physical therapy) and have been pain free for many months now. Please see my post(s) titled "what cured my neck and shoulder pain" for details. I hope it might help some of you.

    It was so wonderful to have at least one of my CFS related problems fixed. God, if I could just fix my insomnia and tiredness problems then life would be groovy.


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