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  1. leahc

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    I have severe neck pain on one side... when I get up I actually feel like I need to hold my head for fear of the pain being so bad........ I can hear it cracking all the time too...... anybody have this
  2. Shalala

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    and no one seems to be able to help me :-(
  3. sueliza

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    I have trouble with my neck a lot, does yours feel muscular?

    Mine is definitely a muscle and gets so bad I can't turn my head.

    I went to a chiropractor/physical therapy office combined about a year ago and they treated it with heat, a nerve thing (tens?) and massage. Within three sessions I could turn my head again - hadn't been able to for 6 weeks!

    I hope you can find a solution soon and you don't have to live with that pain!
  4. MsE

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    Sometimes I can actually push my fouled-up neck back into place! I asked the doc about this, what would cause it, and he said (and I quote) "I don't know." He gave me a referral to a physical therapist, the one I wrote about on another thread regarding cranial sacral massage.

    So far this condition hasn't improved, and I am beginning to think I'll have to see a neurologist and consider surgery. However, I've heard so many neck surgery war stories that it scares the bejabbers out of me.

    One friend of my daughter just had neck work done. They used a new material that acts like a bond--a glue. The doc warned him that 50% of the patients had an initial reaction to the stuff and their necks and throats swelled.

    His got so bad he was rushed back to the hospital and had to be pumped full of some kind of anti-something-or-other. It was really scary.

    Why on earth would neurosurgeons be using a material that had a 50% trouble rate? Doesn't sound wise to me. This doc is supposed to be a top Seattle neurosurgeons. I really don't know what to do.
  5. lbuchanan3

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    If not try to get your doctor to give you one. My neck has been like that for 2 years now, then the pain started moving down my arms and into my hand. Because I had my Fibro diagnosis, my doctor was blaiming the pain all on my fibro, it turned out after I threw a temper tantrum and demanded a neck x-ray that I had a bad disc at c5-6 and degenerative arthritis from my head down to my tail bone. I also have a herniated disc at my waist area.

    It took her 13 months to give me an x-ray that I had requested from the get go. Some doctors do not want to listen to their patients when they have a Fibro diagnosis. She kept insisting that my pain was due to stress, sending me to Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, and for Manual Physical Therapy. Of course non of these therapists can do a thing for pinched nerves and herniated discs.

    I now have a great Pain management doctor, that I will be seeing again on the 9th. I imagine then when he finds out that the symptoms are all returning that I will have to go see a Neurosurgeon, but at least he believes in all of my pain, muscular from the fibro and nerve and bone pain from the arthritis. Found him just in time too because I am waiting for a hearing date for disability and until I met him my doctor was not giving me much support in the battle.

    He gave my attorney a report that in his opinion I am 95% disabled.

    Good luck,
    Linda B
  6. natrlvr2

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    I have had a non-stop neckache since 1987.I have had so many stupid therapies(useless),but most Drs. do not want to deal with my neck at all.X-rays show nothing.(my opinion,I have had so many x-rays,if a bone isn't broke I am told 'you're fine')I have had over 9 whiplashes and not one single Dr. EVER did anything for this.Finally in 2003 I got an MRI,it showed I had a bulging disc and degeneration. But every Dr. I talked to blew me off.(saying "we all have degenration in our necks as we get older",ggrr...)I already have DDD in my L-4 and L-5,so I am assuming it is in the rest of my spine now.(I am loaded with arthritis and bone spurs too.)Not one single medication has ever helped with the pain.No wonder I am so crabby alot.
  7. dononagin

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    Ask for x-rays or better yet an MRI... I've been complaining for years to have it brushed off.. Finally I insisted on x-rays...

    Degenerative disc disease - whole spine
    slipped vertabre (spondylolisthesis) C4
    Stenosis (narrowing of the nerve canal) c4-6
    Ostyophytes (bone spurs)
    Degenerative joint disease in my hips and facet joints..

    Don't let them just brush it off. Ask for x-rays!

    Good luck!!
  8. misskittycat01

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    the right side of my neck and upper shoulder hurts all the time and stays swollen and hot. sometimes its so stiff i cant stand it.. i had an mri and i do have a bone spur on that side, though....and boy is it a pain in the neck!!!!