neck pain?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Pinky, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. Pinky

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    Does anyone have pain ans stiffness in the neck and shoulders? My arms ache and get numb and tingly. When i turn or move my head I can hear cracking, crunching sounds. I felt some of this to a lesser degree when I was first diagnosed with FM/CFS but it seems to be getting a whole lot worse and a little scary.
  2. marecee58

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    Yep ... Yep ... and More Yep. My arms pretty much go numb only during the nite when I'm sleeping. Crunching and crackling neck sounds when I turn my head from side to side. Called my doc this AM and told her the Elavil (after 4 wks on it) isn't workin for the joint and muscular pain. Just picked up my prescription for Flexeril ... we'll see how that works.
  3. 2girls

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    Lots of it / regularly, since April/02. It gets worse when I overdo things, which I did today. I try to excercise it daily to reduce the cracking noises. Please try not to be afraid. This is quite common with FM.
  4. pamela

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    Do you feel like your a bowl of rice krispies? Yep, I have had that since my first wreck in 1989, but it got worse when I sent to 10 chiropractors and 2 re-injured me. It was the worst experience back then of my life (other than being married to a jerk.) Ha!! Anyway, have you been going to a chiropractor? If so thats part of the problem. When you get many adjustments on your neck, shoulders and other parts of your body it breaks down tissues and joint connections. I have heard they aren't all that they are cracked up to be and I will pay the price for going to them forever. Im sure the FMS has some to do with it to. Since I have been gifted with the FMS my neck, shoulder area has come back to be sore and popping like that to. I can just touch my neck or rub it and its so sore..same with the shoulders too. Also have numbness too but that was more back then. I have to put a heating pad and deep heating rub on my neck-shoulder area and take pain pills. Also a very hot bath helps and try a massage pillow. You know one that vibrates? Go to a back store or a medical supply store and I bet you can find one. Hugs...Pammy P.S. You might want to try going to a Sports Medicene Doctor..they can give you a referral for a massage therapist or maybe have one there. Those people do wonders!!!
    Also one more thing just thought of...get a oblong round pillow and lay on it --you will feel a great deal of relief when you do that and it supports your neck. I use to sleep on one every night. If you dont have a roll pillow then fold or roll up your regular pillow and prop it under your neck. Also with the heating pad on top of the pillow and it really does help...chow[This Message was Edited on 03/13/2003]