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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Mewsley, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. Mewsley

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    For the past week I have had pain going up my neck into the back of my head along with other symptoms of FM. Does anyone else get this type of pain?
  2. Echos

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    I do get that from time to time. It is usually the sign of tension. Anything bothering you other than the obvious? When I'm feeling alot of stress or worry I get this a lot. Too much actually. I need to learn to let things go, but easier said than done. I tend to think things to death and that adds to the pain in the back of my neck leading to the head. I hope you feel better soon. Try to figure out what's bothering you to the point of causing this pain. Maybe it will help ease the tension.

  3. sapphire

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    I just found out that I have herniated discs in my neck and also spinal stenosis so I know this is the reason for my pain. I'm also being checked to rule out chiari. I sent my MRI's to CINN in Chicago and got a letter today. I will be going there on May 1st for more MRI's and to see 4 different Drs. Fun Fun. But if it will ease this pain I will do anything. The pain in the back of the head is the worst.


    LITEFLAMES New Member

    Yes I'm going throw the same thing ,for me at night it get's real bad , I was just thinking I could so use a message!!!!!
    My one son is got a bug can't get out to water th, please say a prayer, I"m do find my meditayion tape nock's me out , Ido also take flexorail,
    I don't wan't to take all these pill"s OWELL <IT COULD BE Worst!!! I read a Great E-Mail, It said we should all stop what wear doing at 9pm eastern ,And pray for one minute for::: Our World pease, our solders/ I think that"s a Grate ideal,,
  5. kckitty

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    before I was diagnosed with fibro I was on a sales fun time and part of that was horseback riding. I got slow pokey since I have only ridden twice before. anyway I was the last rider besides one of the "dudes" and he takes off to get back to meet us and my horse wasnt slow pokey anymore and I almost got thrown off-it wrenched my neck so bad it was horrible. I thought I could maybe get a workers comp thing since it was semi work related and they did this testing on me to find out what happened to my neck-it turns out I have the neck of an "80 year old woman" and its been that way for years and years but having my neck thrown around so bad cuz of the horse they wouldnt pay workers comp-anyway its osteo arthrithis in my neck and sometimes its so painful I want to cry-fortunately I take a ton of narcotics so I pop a few muscle relaxers and that helps a bit- did you maybe throw your neck out a few weeks back or something? it has nothing to do with my fibro its just an added fun hurtful thing to have . I forgot what the test is called but they zap you and then figure out how long it takes to get from my neck to my brain or something like that.
    if you go to a chiropractor they might help you-I went to one once that was giving free xrays to drum up business and
    he saw how crumbly my neck bones were. good luck-i feel for you
  6. Mara1

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    I have had this pain for 3 yrs. It is spinal stenosis which effects the disks in your neck. I have 3 herniated disks. I read on 20-20 the new operation saying if you have fibro there is a good chance you may have the symptons of spinal stenosis verses Chiari malformation. They operated on me took test which said I had chairi as well as spinal stenosis. I went to Drs in Pittsburgh and what a horror story, I am still in pain espeially in air-conditioning which makes my shoulders and arms burn. The pain in back of head has gone and the piercing pain in the neck is gone. I just have right side pain and weakness and burning.