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    Do any of you feel that your balance problems come from your neck? as like when your neck feels real tight like so much tension?
    also.. I love to do karaoke but sometimes even when I sing.. it feels like something popping around in my that a disc problem or .. Im not sure who to ask.. Even just moving my neck from side to side or up or down or any way really .. it happens.. most of the time.
    I've tried different pillows too..
    From my accident in March the MRI .. Supposedly showed I have 4 slightly bulging discs.. Anyone have any idea if that is what is doing this or.. is it as I've read with the low Vit D..
    Im not sure who else to ask.. I've checked with the PT therapist and she doesnt say .. or maybe she doesnt know?
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    I have balance problems, and have two bulging discs in my neck, as well as right vestibular (inner ear) damage).

    While the ear problem is causing balance problems, I also find that my balance is worse when my back and neck muscles are stiff. I was told by an ENT specialist that stiff muscles in the neck can mess up the body position messages going to the brain.

    I don't know what the popping is, I occasionally get cracking noises in my neck.
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    I have right ear damage too.. I was hit in the side of the head a few yrs ago.. by my X .. so that I'm dealing with too..
    what do you do for yours? I can even sit here and sometimes all of a sudden feel like Im wavaring around or get a weird sensation..
    They found .. after my accident that there was 4 slightly bulging discs.. then had think its called calcific bursitis in my left shoulder from the accident.. that come on a about 2 weeks later.. actually the day after I had my MRI.... The Er Dr said he felt it came from the accident.

    Wish I had better Drs and better Drs to explain things to me.. I always thought I asked good questions but guess not the right ones .. or something..
    Im sorry that you have this too.. although it does make me feel a tiny bit better knowing at least its not something imaginary in my mind or something..
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    The usual treatment for vestibular problems is vestibular exercises, which can be found on the net, or by going to a vestibular therapist. However, these involve a lot of head shaking. I don't do them as I don't want to risk further neck damage.

    The exercises force your brain to deal with the balance problems, and after time they are not supposed to seem not as bad (although they are supposed to get worse before they get better).

    Otherwise, the next best thing to do is to keep moving as much as possible, and don't restrict yourself to only doing the things that are comfortable (keeping safety in mind). The ENT specialist that I saw advised me to make myself dizzy on purpose.

    A drug called stematil is worth a try, although I found that this lost effect after 18 months.

    For the neck it is advisable to do strengthening exercises. I only do one called the chicken neck exercise. I recommend that you get advise from a physio to find the exercises that are safe for you. Also, arm muscles can become weak if you have neck problems,so a few arm and shoulder exercises are a good idea.

    Relaxation, and heat can reduce some neck tension.

    I've also heard that a properly fitted soft cervical collar worn from time to time, and perhaps sometimes at night may be useful to reduce tension.

    There are internet sites that deal with balance problems. The only one I can think of is called thedizzylounge.

    As many things can contribute to balance problems, you need to find help that is appropriate for you.

    In my case I also found out that I have a mild form of hypermobility syndrome, which causes body position messages to be not as good as normal people's.

    Hope this is helpful. It's taken me decades to get my problems diagnosed, and it has also been difficult for me to figure out how to treat these problems. I understand what you are probably going through.

    If you have any more questions please ask.
    Hope you get some relief.
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    Hi Msbrandywine,

    I would encourage to look into the area of upper cervical (atlas) alignment. The following website provides you with some good information and a video describing this specialized kind of chiropractic.

    <a href="">National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association</a>.

    The next website was started by a man who achieved tremendous relief from upper cervical chiropractic and is doing his best to spread the word about its benefits.

    <a href="">Greg Buchanan's Remarkable Website on Upper Cervical Chiropractic</a>.

    I got good relief from upper cervical chiropractic, but ended up getting even better results from a one-time atlas alignment called Atlas Profilax. My most recent thread I posted on this board with a number of links to some of my other AP threads can be accessed from the following link:

    <a href="">Atlas Profilax Threads on this Message Board</a>

    When I got my own AP alignment almost a year ago, my neck and lower back immediately felt stabilized and most of my lower back pain and sciata subsided over the ensuing months as my whole spinal column seemed to decompress.

    Best to you in finding a good solution for yourself.

    Regards, Wayne
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    I will check on these as soon as I get a chance.
    I have to get ready for pt this morning but.. I also want to say too.. I wonder also Im in a mobile home and I have to call to get someone to come in and check the level to see if my mobile home isnt shifted or needs to be leveled again too..
    Maybe my equilibrium is off, I think so because yesterday, I opened a bottle of soda and it more or less exploded, squirting all over and when it was on the floor it sure seemed to glide fast across the floor towards the one side.. So guess I better get that checked.. Im sure that isn't helping if that is the case! grrrr sheeesh..
    I have noticed too that I can be in a store and will be ok but then all of a sudden feel tightness in my neck area and I feel it.. then I make myself.. concentrate on breathing..
    I have problems with elevators too.. I ride up and it feels like Im about to fall over when I get off... its like I can feel it in my neck and back of my head.. Ive done this as far back as I can remember.. Everyone laughs at me.. lol Its like Im staggering like a drunk for a short time until I get used to being on the floor walking.
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    Glad I'm not the only one. My equilibrium has been terrible the last few years. Elevators and escalators will do me in if I don't focus and concentrate on NOT letting them bother me. I can walk at a slight downhill slant and my brain is make it more and more slanted until I feel like I am going to fall. I've had fibro for over 20 years but this has only been going on for about 10 or a few less. I figured it was part of the fibro syndrome. Seems EVERYTHING strange that happens with me is part of fibro. lol