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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by abcanada, Jan 15, 2007.

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    I go through 'bouts' where I get shocks in my neck. I've gone quite awhile without getting one, but this morning had two. I go to turn my neck to the side & get a paralysising sensation that lasts 1-2 minutes. It subsides, but I'm left with pain & a burning sensation. This morning it scared the crap outta me as I felt light headed & such severe pain it brought me to tears(not much else does, except speaking of my illness!). This happened in front of my 5 year old who was quite worried, but took over feeding the baby for me. I have awesome kids. This has been going on for quite a few years, but as I said it happens in clusters, then it doesn't happen again for awhile. The only info I can find on this is a symptom of MS, but I just had an MRI & it was normal. I did not have a contrast MRI. Anyone get this or think it's not much to worry about? Thanks, Laura
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  3. abcanada

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    I also wanted to add that I get daily migraines, which come on by my neck beginning to tighten up. I'm in good shape, under weight if anything. Help! Laura
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    I am sorry you feel this way. I get it once in a while and have found that testing by the docs (each in his own specialty)helps narrow down your choices of what is causing the problem.

    It is really nice that you have good children.


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    I've talked to my docs lots about this, and my doc suspected MS which she felt was ruled out with recent MRI. I still am awaiting several appointments with various specialists. Thanks nyrofran, Laura
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