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  1. ladybird1

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    Has anyone had neck surgery for bad disk in their neck in addition to having to deal with FMS?
    Whar was the pain like? Did you have to wear one of those brace apparatus? For how long?Just curious in case it happens to me at some point if my neck doesn't up.
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    but Mable/Mayline is getting ready for neck surgery real soon, you might post a thread to her...
  3. IheartNY

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    I had C5 C6 C7 fused with a metal plate and donor bone graft...It helped MAYBE 15%...I still have pain. And appprox 4 weeks ago was called by my Dr office and told that the donor bone could not be traced and the FDA had recalled it...It is now permanently in my neck, so i had to have an HIV, HEP A,B, C tests and have to repeat them im 6 months...I am on disability for depression and anxiety...this only makes it WORSE...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure you do research before you have the surgery...the small bit of releif may not be worth it...if i had the choice again I would not have done it....but that is just my story

    Good luck
  4. darude

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    My next door neighbor who was diagnosed with FMS had surgery on her neck. They had to go thu the front for three bad disks. Long recovery almost six months BUT ALL pain gone!!!!!!!!!!!! No more FMS!!!
  5. lakeredy

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    for ruptured disc. They took a piece of bone from my hip and put in my neck. 10 days later I week back for a follow up. They exrayed me and them the doc came in and told me to go to the hospital that he had to do the surgery over b/c the bone graft moved. I had to wear the neck brace and all. I asked why it moved and he said he did not know but this time he was going to use a metal plate and screws and I would not have to use the neck brace anymore. I asked him why he did not give me this option in the first place? He said b/c it is more expensive than using your own bone!! I was very upset b/c this should have been my option.

    They did the surgery again that nite and everything is fine. The pain was minimal. We are in such pain all the time that surgery pain for me is a joke!! People don't know about pain until they have a dd like fm!!

    Long story short, Have the surgery. It helped me. I did wait until my arm was numb and my shoulder hurt so bad I didn't have a life anyway b/c of the pain. It did take about 6 months to a year to realize that my shoulder and neck was pain free.

    I hope this helps you,
  6. ladybird1

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    Thanks to everyone for support and replies.
    To Samantha55:
    My neck has been hurting been on and off for years but recently pain was running down through my elbow and last two fingers were numb. At first I thought it was from Raynuds syndrome and just carpal but the MRi showed that I have bulging disk between C5-C6 and degenerating disks at C4 and C7
    (of I am remembering the numbers correctly). Pain specialist has been taking me through round of epidural cervical injections. He says he is trying to save me from surgery. I'm tempeted to lie and tell him I'm feeling 100% because neck surgery is not where I want to go.

    To InHeart:
    Bone grafts from unknown sources is even scarier. I am praying for you as I type. Lets always expect the best outcome. I will put in a special request for God to lift you up higher. You will be healed.

    I can always count on my fellow fibros when I can't get support from my family.

    Love you all!
  7. MamaDove

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    I was injured at work lifting a shelf over my head...The disk herniated and compromised my spinal cord...
    After all kinds of symptoms started emerging, numbness and tingling in left arm/hand, dizziness, fatigue, headaches and trying all kinds of conservative treatment as well as nsaids, pain killers and anti-depressants, I decided to go with a neurosurgeon's advice and put a bone plug in...

    I researched the surgery (that time in 1994, no computers, went to the medical libraries, yikes) and after multiple appointments and grilling this poor surgeon, I finally allowed him to do it...In his notes he didn't believe I would ever fully recover from the symptoms...he was right!

    They entered the front, took the bone from my right hip (still kills me today, esp. weather changes and any activity makes it swell)and as they were in there noted several bone spurs and arthritic changes, great for a 27 year old...

    I wore the neck brace for 5 months which contributed to the TMJ issue I have today, if you do it be careful with the time frame for wearing the brace, a specialist I went to stated in his report that the damage was done solely by wearing the brace so long...

    I never fully recovered from the damage in my neck and blame that injury for a great part of my FMS/CF condition today...

    I still have headaches, numbness, tingling, dizziness, fatigue, crackling in the neck, swelling in the neck and hip, the TMJ is horrible, wore my teeth down and cost me $20k to fix...

    My experience was negative but not due to the surgery, due to the injury...The surgeon did what he could, fixed the problem...Had I not had it done I am sure I would have more problems now, incl. possibly paralysis to some degree BUT the original injury did the damage and was an integral part of putting me in this wonderful condition I am in today...

    For me, I would have to say, if anyone ever mentions surgery to me again for anything, I would probably pass out...I have been thru enough negative experiences esp. with surgeries and of course, the health care I have recieved so far, I wouldn't think of doing it again...

    I wish you well if you ever have to make this decision...One thing I have come across, when you have it done, everyone around will have had it done too, or know someone who has and they are cured, healed and doing so well...It seems they come out of the woodwork and in my case, everyone blamed the surgeon for my ongoing problems cause they all knew someone who did so well...I remember people telling me "That's a common surgery", "No big deal, a couple months in a neck brace", "It must be nice to be on pain pills and not have to work"...UUUGGGGHHHH, I have heard some real wonderful comments...

    I have yet to meet, in person, anyone who had a neck injury similar to mine that contributed to their FMS/CF, but they are on here...I wish I had known it was possible to feel this bad by lifting a shelf over my head...No more lifting for me...

    Good Luck to you, think long and hard, this was a good start asking the board for their experiences...Alicia
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    I had a herniated disc between C3 & C4. I had muscle weekness and pain. I had the surgery where they went through through the front of the neck. They used cadaver bone for the graft and also put a metal plate and 2 screws. I went home the next day. I didn't have to wear a neck brace. My surgery went great! It took a few months to recover well enough to get back to my usual routine. I have approximately 85% of my strength back in my left arm. I still have neck and back and pain everywhere else but I think its from the fm and not the disc. It worked for me. I'd do it again. Just thought it would help to hear a success story!
  9. ckzim

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    I had the neck done in Aug of this year, C3-7 with a metal plate, and donor discs. (Which was the scary part for me)
    It was that or take it from my hip. Which would be more painful, than the donor way. It was a surgery I couldn't refuse as the doc told me if I were ever in any sort of car accident,etc...that I would be paralized or dead cause the spinal cord would be severed. I have 85% less pain, which the doctor told me, he coulndt 100% relieve me because of the Fibro. I had to spend one night in the hospital, they wanted 2, but I insisted on one. I had a neck brace for 8 weeks, which is a bother, but after that 8 weeks, all was great! The shoulder surgery, that's a whole different story. Also needed it done, as the grinding in my shoulder was getting so unbearable, again one night in hospital, but recovery was a bummer.
    Longer healing time, still healing matter of fact, recovering pain was horrible, couldn't move my arm for weeks, which is so agravating! Sleep was zilch! On top of the was just overwhelming. Then the physical therphy for monthes...Unless you really need the rotaion cup replacement, I strongly suggest don't do it. Until you have no choice. So it's a YEAH on the neck...a NAY on the shoulder. Hope this helps.
  10. ladybird1

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    Thanks for the additional replies from everyone.
    I'll thign about everything about everyone has contributed.
    God bless you all.
  11. TXFMmom

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    My neck is inoperable. One has to have two good levels above and below to, my God the fog has me, but fuse it.

    since it can' be fused, I get facet injections and tough it.