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    Hi i know i have spoke of this before BBUUTT does anyone have the sore
    shoulders ind the neck feels as if its cramping i cant get it comfy i gargle and use pain killers ect i also got a very bad pain under right rib it feels swollen and very painful i have had gall bladder out 18 months ago. I have just had bloods to check for liver ect results by wed/thurs even if they are clear i got to have bowl camera]sorry] so will worry if its bowl cancer or inflammatory bowl disease does any of this ring true with anyone Huh?Huh? Hope you are all havin a good day Embarrassed
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    My neck and shoulders are being coming my biggest grief.

    Neck is worse since I fell doc said I whiplashed it. Also Iv'e noticed that maybe the way I lay or sit has something to do with it. Putting to much pressure on neck and upper shoulders(which feel like theres a knot in them).

    Warm baths or shower help some. Sore throat always.Do cough drops. If you look on sites the symptoms you describe are all there. D fibro!
    Neck pillow helps kind they sell for airlines.
    Don't be embaressed we're all in the same boat! This dd disease effects your whole body.

    Best of luck with tests Have a great day!