Need 2nd opinion from a Rheumy, how to ask?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jaynesez, Sep 20, 2009.

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    Good Morning My Fellow Survivors!
    I was dx'd with CFS back in 97 by a GP's NRPN; then was dx'd with "FM/CFS" by GP in 2006 based upon symptoms and bloodwork coming back "normal". My understanding is to file for SSDI with this dx you need to have the tender point test made by a specialist; my question is, should I just find one and go in and tell him I want a second opinion? I see a pain mgmt doc and don't need meds, just want proper dx in my medical records. I'm worried that they'll want to take over, etc. (some here will understand that) or do I just request him to do the tender point examination? Sigh, I hate going to drs. and not just for the copays!!
    Thanks for any advice any of you can give me!
    Hoping everyone has a pain free day,
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    Do you know what kind of specialist you're supposed to get the DX from? I've never heard that, but I haven't read much on disablility yet. A neurologist is the one who DX'd me with FM. I know what you mean about going to different doctors! Wish I could just get all my answers from ONE!!
    Anyway, wonder if you can get referred to a neurologist to give you an "official" DX?

  3. jaynesez

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    thank you for answering! I have crappy insurance but I don't need a referral, so that is one good thing, just a large copay for a specialist! I'd like to see a rheumy as they can test you further for Lupus (hair is falling out, thyroid ok) and I've always found neurologists to be, well, weird! LOL! Yes, it would be great to have one doc, looking over all of your issues, not three or four, but I guess it is what it is! Anyways, they do tell you to get dx'd by a specialist (neuro is fine) in order to help your SSDI case, as PCP's just dx's you based upon exclusion of abnormal bloodwork, and does not (at least mine didn't) do the tender point test, and the SSDI examiners want that in your records. Thanks again!

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