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    I am new to this chat. I have fibromyalgia and I have been dealing with a regular MD here in Louisville, KY. He has prescribed Neurontin, Lyrica, Amitriptylene, Lortab, Skelaxin and TraZadone. None of this is helping. I am trying to work but I'm in immense pain. I can barely walk and I cry all day at work. Does anyone know a good doctor in Louisville, KY who can actually help me? I need one that understands Fibromyalgia. I'm starting to get depressed and the fatigue and pain are almost unbearable. Please help.
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    Here are some suggestions:

    ---Here is a website that ProHealth provides to find good doctors

    ---You can also look on the Fibro board here and they have a post on doctors.

    ---You can also go to the website and among it’s groups it offers Fibro help broken down into separate support groups as follows below, including a group for men, a group for teens and a group for families. You can check there also.

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