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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lighthouselady, May 1, 2006.

  1. lighthouselady

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    Okay, so now I'm going a bit crazy. I had found a rheumy I really liked and understood me. That was too good to be true. I just found out today that she is on indefinite medical leave, so she is sending me back to my family doctor, which I like but don't know whether I want him to treat my FM & OA. At the same time I am going to see a doctor at the Cleveland Clinic for back problems, will probably get injections since I don't want surgery. I'd like to know of any more doctors in this area, say a 30 to 40 mile radius around Youngstown or Ravenna. Those of us in NE Ohio will know what I'm talking about. I'd like to stay with a rheumatologist since they understand us better but I'm open to suggestions.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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  2. lighthouselady

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  3. place

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    I think Jakeg is from your area. Look up his past posts!

    Good luck!
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    Hi Judy! i'm from Niles and my name is also Judy! how about that? LOL.. well, i can give you a rheumatologist's name here in the area. Mangy Iskander. his office is in both liberty township and also a office in sharon pa. i've been seeing him for about 5yrs now. i do like him alot and he listen's to you. not like a doc i had in youngstown before i went to dr. Iskander. i have FM and OA also. and...had back surgery 2 yrs ago. seems we have alot in common. if you need further help on this, please let me know. nice meeting you!..Judy
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    Hey, jujubug, we really are close, I live in Newton Falls, but know Niles very well. I have been to Dr. Iskander and liked him but when I asked if we could try something new because I felt the meds another doctor had given me were not working too well, he SUGGESTED that I might be better served by one of his colleagues. It really hurt me. My sister still goes to him and likes him. Maybe I caught him on a bad day. But thanks anyway for your input. I'll watch for you on the board from now on.

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    So sorry you couldn't get any help from Dr. Iskander. he finally switched my meds around,and we're trying something else. i bring in research i've done on line and ask him about trying other meds. there isn't alot of rheumatologist in this area. the one out of northside hospital that i went to first was not for me! i didn't like him at all. i hope you can find a good doc soon. the baby boomers are all getting older now and will need some good rheumatologist. sadly, we don't have much to pick from around here. good luck!...Judy
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    Hey, my Mom lives in Ravenna and my sister in Rootstown!!

    I don't know of a DOC THERE but I think there is an FFC( in Cleveland. If you don't know about them do a search on here....lots and lots of posts.

    I go to the one in Atlanta and the doctor is very open to treatments and finding out what is wrong with you!!

    Good Luck and hope you find someone!
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    lists locations and doctors
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    I live in Tallmadge Ohio. I've been to alot of Dr.'s in this area over the last 2 years. My neuro has an office in Ravenna and Green. I've been to Cleveland Clinic, 3 different Dr.'s there, a few in Akron, and 1 in Columbus.

    I've gotten the most help from FFC. I am now being treated for my Thyriod problems, Adrenal insufficiency, and Lyme Disease. They really dig into your symptoms and test extensively to find the root of the problem, not just put a "bandaid" on it.

    I haven't been very good about taking all my meds lately because of the nausia and fogginess they give me. I have 2 exams this week and 1 final next week, then my first priority is meds, sleep, and diet; all on a schedule.

    I don't know what ins you have, but I hear most ins co's pay a large portion of the bill. You just have to do the paperwork for it, the FCC gives you the info you need, but doesn't file it with your ins co. I have Ohio Medicaid and they paid for all of my labs in full except the IGNEX Lyme test. They cover my Rx too, but I have to pay out of pocket for office visits and supplements. Worth every penny to me. I wish I would have went 2 yrs ago, when I had real ins., but I was sceptical. I would at least check out their free monthly seminars.
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    Thanks for all the helpful information. I will consider all those, just a bit short on money since I lost my job. I'm in the middle of filing for SSDI. Things are really tight right now.


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