Need a Dr. in rural Arizona

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    In March I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in all my joints...most of them bone on bone. But I had a lot of other unexplained symptoms so I went to multiple PCPs and specialists in Kingman AZ and Bullhead. Some of them refused to treat my "complicated" case, some of them minimized my symptoms and one of them backed away from me looking bewildered after looking at the roof of my mouth and never called me as promised.
    A GI Dr who practices in Vegas and Kingman finally had mercy on me and sent me to Cedars Sinai in LA to get diagnosed. I went to a Lupus specialist who said I have a textbook case of fibro.
    Now I really need a good PCP who isn't afraid of someone with fibro, pervasive osteo, Bipolar and possible horomonal/thyroid issues (seeing an endo at the end of the month). I also would like a good neurologist for the fibro. There is only one rheumy in the area and he blew off my ankle pain and fluid retention when I was in so much pain I had to use a cane.
    I guess if I have to go to Phoenix I will but Vegas is closer and I could see my brother who lives there. Anyone have any ideas? I left a message a couple days ago for the nearby FM group leader but haven't heard back yet.
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    Phoenix Magazine every year runs an issue that is the Top Doctors of 2009, 2010, etc. I had trouble getting it online, but you can try it and you might be able to get it or see a library, I'm sure Vegas may have something similar and you can check online or check with a local Reference Librarian to see what they can find. Good luck and hugs.