Need a FM specialist in VT

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by zen68, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. zen68

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    I live in Rutland, bt would be willing to drive to Albany, NY or anywhere in VT to see one. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Someone suggested googling "physicians who treat fibromyalgia" but that led me on a wild goose chase. Thanks in advance.
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    I live in New York near Lake George area. My PCP just last week referred me to Dr. Susan Kowalsky, (802) 649-1064

    16 Beaver Meadow Road
    Post Office Box 851
    Norwich, Vermont 05055

    I contacted her office about a consultation and unfortunately for me, she is too expensive. She does not participate with insurance and is $625 for initial consultation. She has a VERY nice informative website at DrKowalsky dot you know what.

    Having grown up in Albany I have been to a LOT of Drs in the area. Nobody I have been to jumps out as someone I would refer you to. There are 2 brothers who practice together. They are Dr. Kenneth Bock, and Dr. Steven Bock, also Dr. Michael Compain is with them. Their office is in Albany (Colonie) called The Center For Progressive Medicine, 1662 Central Ave., Albany, NY 12205
    Tel: (518) 218-0082. They must have recently moved as they were previously in Albany on Pinnacle Place. They have their original practice in Rhinebeck, New York called the Rhinebeck Health Center. You can find their website at Rhinebeckhealthcenter dot you know what.
    Good luck on your search.

    Anyway, I was referred to them by my Compounding Pharmacist but have never seen them, also for financial reasons.
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  3. aftermath

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    Vermont can be tough because it is not the most populous of areas. I used to live up there and wasted a lot of money dealing with naturopathic type stuff.

    I think that the $625 for an initial consult with a naturopathic physician in VT is bordering on outrageous. The top people in NYC are charging that or even less for comprehensive initial visits.

    I've heard good things about Dr. Bock in Rhinebeck. You may also wish to travel to Boston or NYC, at least for a consultation.
  4. mapleleaf

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    I live in Central Vermont. I just lost my primary doctor when she moved. I have yet to find a good specialist to treat FM. I recently went to Dartmouth to the Headache Clinic for chronic headaches and migraines. Dr. Levine was excellent. Dr. Carr in Lebanon, NH is good for tests and a thorough exam, but believes everyone has Lyme even when the tests come back negative. I went to the Boston FFC when it was open and did not have good luck with it, but I got the tests that I wanted, so something good came out of it. Let me know if you find anyone and I'll do the same.

    I copied this from a previous posting for good doctors list, I called the phone number, she is a nurse practioner in a pain clinic, I plan to make an appt.

    "I have an awesome doc! 08/05/07 08:46 AM

    I would be happy to share........her address is
    Cheryl Laskowski
    62 Tilly Drive
    South Burlington
    802-847-3737 "

    Until I found her, I lived in hell day after day. My gp would do nothing to help. She is the one that saved me . And I bless her every day I am alive! Thats how much I adore this woman!
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  5. sascha

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    i live in calif. now, but grew up in Vermont and loved it there. have family there. was too sick with CFIDS in October to attend a niece's wedding there; most disappointing.

    i'm going on the valcyte cfids treatment protocol, and my hope and dream is to visit Vt after the six months of treatment is completed.

    there was a support group for cfids/fm i found reference to online once when i was in vt- i called someone, but the group wasn't meeting anymore. but maybe someone there would have news of someone you could consult. $625 or whatever sure is steep- might be worth checking the name given though in case there's a sliding scale.

    BEST OF LUCK!! Sascha **i haven't been to Vt for over a year- calif is my home now, but i have pangs of missing Vermont and its people~~
  6. mumsey55

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    I don't know of a doctor in Vermont, but yesterday I was on here and they had a pretty good list going for all over the US. So I suggest that you check backwards into yesterday. Sorry, I don't know what the conversation was called. If I find it, I'll come back and tell you. GOOD LUCK!! mumsey55
  7. jane.albright

    jane.albright New Member

    well worth the consultation fee. been helped tremendously by her. she is the most professional of any of the doctors in new england. i live in concord and totally confident in her treatment plan and naturopathic approach best for cfs. as if there were other viable options. also see

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