Need a good bed recommendation!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by GettSmartt, Jun 4, 2003.

  1. GettSmartt

    GettSmartt New Member

    Has anyone found a good bed that helps facilitate sleep?? Thanks.
  2. klutzo

    klutzo New Member

    Go to the top of the page where it says "Search Messages" and type in the word "bed". You should get tons of previous posts on this.
    It seems to be a matter of individual preference. In my case, I need a very, very hard mattress and a a very full water pillow. That is what helps me.
  3. jka

    jka New Member

    we just bought a king sterns and fosters double pillow top.we found it at a discount store for $750.normally they run $ had some dirt on husband and i both have never slept this well.when i roll over at night i don't wake myself up because it hurt.

    kathy c
  4. GettSmartt

    GettSmartt New Member

    Thanks, jka! My sister-in-law said she bought a pillow-top for her kids -- but I'm glad to see that you thought it was good too! I KNOW that has to be half the problem!!

    And thanks kluzto for reminding me to search for "bed"! (smile) I'll do that too!
  5. debbiem31

    debbiem31 New Member

    Everbody is so different. I, too, have a double pillow top mattress. I hate mine. I wake in pain every day. Still wishing I could afford an air or foam bed. I think a feather top would probably be a nice alternative (and not so $$).
  6. klutzo

    klutzo New Member

    There is no question that I would buy a latex bed, but I can't even dream of affording it, so I stick with my extra firm box spring.
  7. GettSmartt

    GettSmartt New Member

    "Everbody is so different. I, too, have a double pillow top mattress. I hate mine. I wake in pain every day. Still wishing I could afford an air or foam bed. I think a feather top would probably be a nice alternative (and not so $$)." -- Debbie

    Oh no! LOL! What kind of bed did you have before Debbie? Was it so much better? Or did they all give you pain?
  8. darlamk

    darlamk New Member

    We bought a pillow top king koil (king size) about a year ago and my husband loves it! I think I sleep better on it too and it is definately the most comfortable bed we have had. I have noticed I am less stiff in the AM and that is a great improvement. One thing to remember with any pillow top mattress is they need to be turned and rotated every month since they seem to develp "dips" where a person lays every night. I also use a heated mattress pad and that seems to help with pain and stiffness too.
    Best Wishes,
  9. salcon

    salcon New Member

    We bought a water bed many years ago and loved it, through the years we have better beds each time. We have a water with baffles. Our bed stops motion in 2 secs because of the baffles. It is warm in the winter and that warmth seems to pentrate right through the body to ease the aches.In the summer it is cool.When we go away I can never wait to get back to the bed at home.
  10. smyle4moi

    smyle4moi New Member

    i have always had back problems as well as fms....hubby and i finally had enough of uncomfortable expensive my mothers recomendation we bought a Select Comfort is AWESOME!!! we got a king size and hubby can have it soft and i can set if firm for my back or soften it when my muscles are especially sore....the wonderful thing with this mattress is i can change the firmness depending on what my body needs at any given time...and doesnt effect hubby....they have a websight...check it out...well worth every penny...and a 20yr guarantee! cant beat that!!!
  11. debbiem31

    debbiem31 New Member

    I've always had problems with every bed I've slept on. Before, I just had a regular mattress, so I thought that the pillow top would be much better. For me, it wasn't. But like I said, everyone's body reacts differently to everything...
  12. GettSmartt

    GettSmartt New Member

    This is more wonderful information -- thanks so much! (smile) I'm looking forward to getting a new bed - and hey, if we can scrape together the money maybe even some kind of jacuzzi. It's not a luxury -- it's a necessity for our condition -- don't you think? I have to get rid of these muscle spasms so that I can get out of this house and drive!!
  13. RLCarter03

    RLCarter03 New Member

    I can only tell you what works for me. And this may help some of you who wish you could afford an air bed. My solution has been just a good quality "camping" type air mattress. I just put it on top of my regular bedding and I also have a foam pad on top of that to smooth out the "dips" in the mattress. I keep it nice and firm. It makes the bed really tall and you may have to get bigger sheets, but for the money you can't beat it, in my opinion. There are no more pressure points to worry about like with a regular mattress and although I still have some morning stiffness, it is nothing compared to when I have to sleep on a regular bed. Hope this helps some.
  14. GettSmartt

    GettSmartt New Member

    My husband and I checked out the Select Comfort beds and I'm going to get one!! And it even comes with that pillow-top!! Thank you SO MUCH for your post!! (smile) Thank you everyone for your input (smile).
  15. smyle4moi

    smyle4moi New Member

    i too am trying 2 get hubby to get a spa-hot tub......hey tax deduction under med. expenses!.....hopefully soon.....enjoy the really is wonderful and glad i could help......! Lori
  16. GettSmartt

    GettSmartt New Member

    I didn't know that a hot tub could be tax deductible! (smile) You are full of great information, smyle4moi! God bless you and may God heal all of us!
  17. smyle4moi

    smyle4moi New Member

    yes you can list hot tub as medical expense on tax returns have a scrip from your doc...he shouldnt mind doing that for you...doesnt hurt him at all., the least you should have a letter from him recommending hot water therapy for the will only need this should you ever be can also claim as med exp. the cost of the electricity to run it and the chemicals to clean ALL receipts....this is of course only if you itemize your deductions and they add up to more than the standard....otherwise it isnt worth it...glad to help....(ps if you can get the letter prior to purchassing the hot tub, better) Enjoy!!
  18. zestytx

    zestytx New Member

    I can't say enough good things about our STearns and Foster. It is expensive.... about $2300 (King size pillowtop .. the mattress is 20 inches thick). I have a terrible time sleeping on anything else now. Lying down on this bed is like being wrapped in someone's soft warm lap.. well at least it feels that way to me.
  19. Carina

    Carina New Member

    i had severeral matresses, on being a faom top. the mattress that works the best for me is a C.camping mattress. i can adjust it if needed. i like mine at 85% full. I use the dips in the mattress to center the soreest parts of my body on. this takes the effect of gravity off the triggerpoints. I use a warm blanket under the sheet but i guess one could use a eggcrate. i would not trade m mattress for all the money in the world. i have mine on top of a 3/4 " piece of plywood that has been covered with a furniture box opened up and a blanket so the bed is not punctured.

    it may take a couple of times airing it up before you get the hang of getting BOTH of the plugs closed. there is only one but it is a double sealing valve. don't get the one with the pump attached, i was advised by backpackers.

    this mattress helps when nothing else does except sitting on a large ball
    (for my back). i would try this first before sinking in a lot of money for other mattresses. In july and Aug. you can get good sale prices on these.

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  20. bakron

    bakron New Member

    We have an apt. where we currently reside while our home is waiting for us to come when we "retire" in about 2 years, 11 months, and 10 days (give or take). Anyway, here is what I found that has worked:

    Apt.: We have a moderate priced firm mattress (our older set), no pillow top. I've put two egg crates on top and then a good mattress protector overall. Works great, and less than buying a new pillow top or expensive alternative, etc.

    Home: We purchased a moderate priced firm mattress with pillow top (top of line for moderate price set - approx $1,000), can't remember line but I know it's a good one. I love it! It's our first king and both of us love it!

    You don't need to spend a fortune to get good sleep . . .