Need a good lawyer for Harrassment

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Terry2002cal, Apr 7, 2003.

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    I called SS today and said what can I do about these people and they had no suggestions. These people have harrassed me
    daily for months. They have put things in my purse, poisioned me twice, disabled a car I was using, harrassed
    furture landlords when I have tried to rent and apartment
    so that I cann't move. My rent here was due on the april 3 but they said they didn't want me to move so they cooked the books and made my rent date april 13. They had a saleman fill out an affadait that I was a health happy person and he was glad to lie because he was mad that I would not buy a time share from him. Anyway there has been many, many more things. So, does anyone know who I should call. Know a good lawyer? These people say I am going to have a review in May and they want to know where I am because they are going to get big bucks to get me off SSD. Thanks for any help!!!
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    When you spoke with Disability did they say that it was from them that these people were following and harrassing you? It truly does not sound to me like it is disability. It sounds like some type of cult or something. Have you in the past been involved in anything such as this? Like a church group or something. I would begin to seek counselling for this dilema and I do believe that with this you can find advice and also when these people are caught you can have one heck of a harrassment suit against them with having it medically documented by a professional. I wish you the best of luck and try not to be alone when you go out and about.
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    There is no way that Social Security is involved in anything like this. You said in another post that your first encounter with this "agency" was when someone put earrings in your pocketbook at the supermarket. If SS wanted to prove you didn't need disability there would be plenty of other ways to prove it. When I worked in the emergency room we dealt with plenty of people who were arrested for one thing or another (often) and they still got their disability. Also how in the world did someone that you didn't know from this agency get close enough to poison you? And if someone were going to prove that you couldn't handle your own affairs they would have to take you to court and the judge would assign a person to do that. It wouldn't happen through a private agency who recruited church members to take over your kids and your money. I would really like to offer some advice to you, but I think I can safely say that you can quit worrying about SS trying to stop your disability payments. You seem to have some much bigger issues to deal with. Good luck to you!

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    I had trouble with this agency last year when I lived in Scottsdale, Arizona. When I moved here I thought they would be gone but they tell me they have an office here. In Arizona their office is in downtown Phoenix and the director is named John. They would get people to work for they from
    a Babtist church on N. Miller rd. These people would follow me and have people( neighbors, store clerks, librarians, teachers or anyone) that would fill out afadavites that I was did not look ill. I found this upsetting but tried to not notice it. Here though, these people are terrible. The first 6 months I lived here(California) I lived in a tent. I had fixed my dinner and went in the tent to get the salt and pepper. When I came out, one of these people was walking away from the table. I thought he had taken something but found nothing missing. 4 or 5 hours later I became sick to my stomache. Running to the bathroom with flu like illness. The only strange thing was I smelled like garlic. I could smell it when I coughted, sweat or went to the bathroom. These people sat around there camp fire ,drink and laughted about it. One said he didn;t think it would kill me but if it did no one checked for heavy metals. I don't know what heavy metals is. I talked to the Ranger and he wanted to know the name of the person, what he put in my food and why. I did not know these answers. He said I had to prove it. How could I prove it I ate it, it was gone. He said why don.t you go to ER but if you are taking drugs they are going to have you locked up. I did't know what to do so I decided to not leave my food alone again. Sorry about the spelling errors.
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    When I report the harrament to rangers or police. I am told I have to prove it and am talked down to. I am told that I must be seeing things that aren't there. I find this only gives these people more support. What I told the last person was that "just because it is not happening to you doesn't mean it is not happening".