Need a good rheumatologist in D.C. area

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nightngale, Mar 5, 2007.

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    Someone pleae help! I just so a new one but he seems totally spazzed out and on my first appt. said he doesn't do disability papers and seems very hyper and flustered, wants my PCP to prescribe my ultram and did order an mri of hips cause of new right leg pain. I almost wanted to ask him if he needed a xanax! He was flopping my paperwork around all crazy and I don't even think he looked at my face. He wants me to take trazadone along with the ultram for sleep, which i tried years ago. My psych doc will probly help in that dept. I should have stuck with the other doc I had. Maybe I will go back. Are you allowed to keep switching docs? Im driving my Pcp crazy, she is trying so hard to help though. And I am kind of a new patient, to her. I drove so far to see this person as I had heard he was good. But why doesnt' he want to do my meds? I guess I need to go to a pain clinic.
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    My PCP referred me to Dr. Eugene Miknowski. I did not like his approach as he was pro pills and against alternative treatments. But otherwise he seems to be a good doctor who listens to his patients. He suggested that I work one day from home and wrote a doctor's order for my office. If you like someone who would support you in taking pills you want, he may be the right doctor for you.

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    I have seen 2 Rheum in DC area. One is Dr. Stahl. He was very agitated as the original poster here described which makes me wonder if that was who the doc was. He did not listen very well, though I will say in his defense that he was very concerned about one of his patients during my second visit so that may have contributed to his lack of attention to what I was saying.

    The second doctor I have seen in DC area is Dr. Bahadori. He is kind, but not the greatest communicator in the world. He also is not very proactive about treatments, though he has never given me guff about switching around medications when I need to. (even if his staff does). He always takes a few moments to hear what i have to say when I am in his office, I just do not feel like I am making any progress.

    I do not recommend either of these guys if you are trying to go through the disability process. Neither of them seemed willing to even discuss disability with me or the reason I am sick to start with, which is exposure to a substance which kicked the whole thing off.
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    I just noticed these replies, have granddaughter here so will get back asap. Thanks!

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