Need a great fibro/ rheum. dr. In Los Angeles area!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. lizard1961

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    Please! If anyone knows a great dr. for fibro/rheum. in Los Angeles please post for me..very urgent..thank you!
  2. mbofov

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    Two integrative medicine doctors in L.A. that are very good are Hans Gruenn and David Allen - they both have websites, you can google them. I liked Dr. Gruenn better, but think they are both very good. I'm dealing with CFS, not FM, but am sure they deal with FM. They both take Medicare too.

    Dr. Gruenn does the peptide injections that Mikie did, for what it's worth.

  3. jaminhealth

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    and see only integrative MD's...for me, a fibro MD has not been my goal, I seem to work things on my own....I've learned so much here and on my own.

    Right now and for the last 1.5 yrs, I've been seeing Smita
    Gupta, MD..she is a holistic leaning rheumy and I get Mesotherapy Injections from her, she does Prolotherapy which I'm considering AGAIN for my right knee and currently I'm going on my 13th acupuncture treatment....

    She is a Pain Mgmt Rheumy, but not the conventinal ilk.. She has a website....

    For my general MD, I have been seeing Jennifer Sudarsky and she also has a website....

    I've seen Gruenn and Alan over the years but this is my program now. jam

    PS: I see you are a new member here. I'll mention what has HELPED me the most thru this saga from 1999...

    Grapeseed Extract (17 yrs),
    Armour Thyroid & Iosol Iodine,
    Raw Adrenal,
    Vit D3,
    MSM Powder in higher doses thru the day (3 yrs now),
    Magnesium Citrate in higher doses thru the day,

    I take other supps too, but these are my MOST critical ones.
    Getting GOOD sleep....I have my sleep combo if you would like
    to hear it.

    Thinking more on this subject of FM doctors, I don't know that there are any per se, Dr. St. Amand dx'd me with FM in 1999, he's an endo MD who works with Fibro and his main protocol is guaifenisen, which I never took on. But some have gotten help with the guai. He's in Marina del Rey. I went to him once and that was it, I didn't want to do the guai and I wasn't that fond of him anyway. I went to see him with thyroid complaints and came out with an FM dx...

    I truly believe a sluggish dsyfunctional thyroid has a lot to do with the FM miseries.. [This Message was Edited on 11/17/2012]