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    Please help !!!

    If anyone has a referral for a Lawyer who has a good track record for handling disability cases for those with CFS, I would appreciate it if you could pass the name and phone # along to me. I live in Maryland in the USA.
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    My lawyer, Charles Samuels, worked wonders when my ins comp tried to change my disability from CFS to depression there by limiting to 2 years. He won the case for me when no one else would work for me. He is in Richmond, VA but will work with people out of state. His phone number is (804) 648-9255.

    Good Luck!
  3. yuckie

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    I used Scott Davis. He is Immunesupport's disability attorney expert. Just go under the Disability tab at the top of the page. He did a great job for me on SSD and private disability. Good luck.
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    is a good website -

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