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    Can anyone help me? I am at the end of a long journey and I feel as though I am now heading down a dead end alley. I have been dragging around to different specialists for years and still do not have a definitive diagnosis. They have managed to find a number of health issues, all of which are being managed in a variety of ways. Since I am fully cooperating with diet, medications, etc., and being applauded for my efforts, I feel I should be feeling "normal" yet the core difficulties remain despite all this cooperation. Not one doctor I have seen has any clue about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and most don't believe it even exists. None have ever suggested it (probably because they don't believe in its existence). This has left me as a patient "out in the cold". If I am so managed and so healthy, why can't I hold a full or part time job? Why can't I take a daily walk for exercise (without collapsing), why can't I do housework without paying horribly for days or weeks from the effort, why can't I remember simple vocabulary words when I am trying to have a conversation; why can't I have the life I once had? Where did I go and who is it that lives in my body now? I am struggling to pay a mountain of medical bills while being unemployed. I have been sent to a psychiatrist who sent me back to the medical doctors telling me I did not belong in his office and he suggested I find a doctor willing to diagnosis hard cases and to spend more than 15 minutes with me to do so. And just where does one find this doctor? That he could not tell me. He was unhappy that the medical docs had done this to me and actually did believe there was something neurological happening to me. He suggested I search the internet. And what exactly would I search under??? Reliable, responsible physician who works with CFIDS patients? I left his office frustrated as usual but at least knowing there was one doctor who did not think I was a hypochondriac and he was fully capable of making that determination.

    Thank goodness for the love and support of my husband. I am tired of doctor shopping. It is too expensive, too time consuming, and too depressing. I am tired of my joints dislocating, the pain, the overwhelming fatigue, the myriad of "symptoms", the constant flu. I no longer drive. The wheelchair is a frequent "helper" to keep me functioning and mobile. Year upon year upon year has worn me down.

    Can anyone give me the name of a doctor in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area who actually knows about CFIDS, is capable of making the diagnosis, and would actually support a patient in my situation??? I feel as though if I do not find a doctor who can validate what is happening to me and make this diagnosis (which I have now made myself after years of research) I am just going to slip away somewhere into oblivion.............I need a person. I no longer have the resources to work through a list of physicians who can possibly be of help. I am grasping at my last straw here.
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    I am from Canada and have Fibromyalgia so I can't help you with a name of a doctor in your area.

    I am sending hugs to you and I hope someone here can help.

    Bumping you up to the front to see if someone else can help.

    If I can make a suggestion, maybe you could change the title of your post to:
    CFS Doctor in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area?
    It might catch more people's attention that are from Pennsylvannia.

    hugs Redwillow
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    How about:

    Fibro and Fatigue Center
    Foster Plaza #8
    730 Holiday Drive
    Pittsburgh, PA 15220
    Toll-free: 1-866-443-4276
    Phone: 412-922-1155
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    Dr. Mark Pelligrino, who has written several books on FMS, because he has it himself has 2 offices. One in Canton, OH and Dover, OH. Which wouldn't be too far for you to go if someone took you. Just to at least get a Diagnosis. I went to see him to find out if there was anything else I could do for myself, AND to have a specialists diagnose my FMS for the record in case I have to file for disability.

    I live in Follansbee, WV that is accross the bridge from Steubenville, OH. I go to The Mall at Robinsons in Pittsburgh, ALL THE TIME!!!! Maybe someday we could meet?

    Dr. Pelligrino is extremely pleasant, thorough, and caring. The fact that he suffers from this DD also, makes him the perfect doctor to treat people. He has a rehab room right in his office. Because I don't live in OH, he would not be able to write my sripts, or I would go to him instead of the Pain Center for treatment.

    I can feel your despair when I read your post...please, don't give up. Most of us had to wait years to get a diagnosis, also. There is much more recognition these days than 15-20 years ago! You'll find a Doc eventually. Keep posting, and we'll help you find someone if the 2 sugggested don't work for you.

    With Love,

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    Bumping for you

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