Need a new bed, any ideas ?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ruby711, Sep 22, 2006.

  1. ruby711

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    I am thinking of getting a single bed because the covers for double are heavy when lugging to laundrymat. I am thinking of getting a platform bed so I would need a boxspring and I am wondering what kind of mattress is comfy. Any suggestions?
  2. Lokimylove

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    I've all but given up on beds. Gotten worse with weight gain. I am now sleeping on visco foam pads (3) on the floor and still wake up with horrible myofascial shoulder/arm/neck pain. But with any bed (this last one costed 2200.00 plus tax and delivery) it broke down in one month and I couldn't walk because of back, leg and arm pain and all over body aches. It was a pillow top 1400 coil simmons high end. I've also tried a spring air, cheaper simmons, sears model, stearns and foster. The older mattresses of the 60's were much better. Now they use a weak coil that breaks down easily so people go thru mattresses every 5 years at least. Our old beds used to last for 15 to 20 years. I may try a futon and get rid of the 2000 dollar beast, simmons does not honor their warranties so I'm not going to fight them. I will just put the futon mattress on the floor and sleep with sheet, comforter and sleeping bag. I also use a heating pad on my foot area until warm then shut it off to sleep. I have bad fibromyalgia, arthritis, every pain in the book and immune disorder, liver disease,,,diabetes and more. good luck.
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    I absolutely LOVE my waterbed. I have the one that is 1 level above the ones with no flotation control (I kind of like the feel of a little motion .. kind of like being rocked to sleep). But you can get them all the way up to no motion at all. I also have a fairly dense (about 2 inches I think) foam pad over it. Makes it more comfy and most importantly, keeps the kitty claws away from the mattress!

    Like I said, some people hate them, but for me they are great. I bought one YEARS ago because of chronic back pain and waking up so stiff I had to literally roll out of bed, and I felt the difference the FIRST NIGHT!

    Worth checking out .. and they're cheap! Unfortunately, the sheets aren't!
  4. UrbanPioneer

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    We live in a disposable society now. NOTHING is built to last anymore and it just kills me to throw things out because it's cheaper to buy a new one than to repair the old!

    A couple of years ago my old avocado green (tells you how old that was!) can opener finally gave out. Since then, I have gone through 5 can openers! They just won't stay sharp .. the one I have now would't cut butter!

    I have an all-in-one printer that needs repair and I saw one at Sam's that is probably about the same price as what the repair on this one will be, but the idea of just tossing this thing out ... I may just give it to my repair guy (I've given him some old equipment before) in the hopes that he'll give me a break when I need my computer overhauled .. which is right about now!

    What do ya'll think? He's an OK guy who refurbishes printers and monitors at home and has always been really fair with me. Hell, it beats putting it in a dumpster!
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    Some of the best nights sleep I have had has been in our waterbed we have a king size waveless I married into it LOL.

    The problem is My husband snores so loudly and with having fibro you know its hard enough to sleep as it is, so I end up sleeping in the spair room and even though I have an egg crate and a feather mattless on it I still wake up in much pain.

    I would like to get one of those mattress toppers that are made wiht the memory foam. My siter has one and hse says its works pretty good for her back she has osteoperosis.

    trouble is I am affraid to buy one and find out it well not work for me. I hate wasting money.