Need a NEW dr in SA-Tx

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    I am so upset at, what is now my former rheumy! He was to have a letter drawn up for me regarding my Dx for the disability and it was to be ready on the 13th of Jan. Well, I have been calling off and on since the 14th(and I have been nice and sweet thru the whole process) and I have been getting every story in the book as to what happened to it! They just informed me that they found it and I could have it after I pay them $50! There never had been anything said from day 1 about charging for the letter until 10 minutes ago!!! I told the girl that and said that had I known I would have been trying to save up for it, we are poor and that is why I am attempting to get disability! Then I told her that I had taken a medical transcription course and was taught that the golden rule for dr transcription was a 24 hour turn around time! Not 3 weeks! I also told her that I have been stressing over the letter for a week now and that I don't need that, it just makes me worse! You know what her commit was? "OH WELL!"

    I have had some other problems with him. They have been somewhat small, but they do add up! He does not believe in helping with disability issues and thinks that I can work! I asked him, how? I can't even get thru easy task at home without stopping! How can you when you are doing something and then forget what it is that you are doing and then one of the cats "meows" to tell me that I was feeding them! OOOOHHHH....drs!!!!!!!!!!

    So.... anyone know of a GOOD Rheumy in the San Antonio area. I checked the dr referral here and the ones there don't take my insurance.

    Hope that everyone elses day is going better than mine!

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    Missy, I work in a Insurance referral dept. at U.T. and I have access to help people find doctors..actually the net helps and also some hear say on good doctors int his area. Let me know...pamela I leave work today at 2:15 but if I do not hear from you by then I will check later
    P.S. If this board will allow it tell me your web site address. It is usually on the back of your insurance card. This will help. Thanks[This Message was Edited on 01/23/2003]
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    My insurance is with Humana PPO. Here is my email, and I will remove it shortly since I know that you will be checking back.

    Thank you so much! Oh, I actually live in Floresville, outside of San Antonio.

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