Need a plan for groceryshopping with FMS/CFS

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SweetT, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. SweetT

    SweetT New Member

    Hi everybody,

    I just cannot figure it out. I used borrowed energy to work full-time to care for myself and my daughters, and taking time off without pay (there's no short-term disability on my job) is not an option, now that ex is on an unpaid leave and I don't know when I'll get child support again. That leaves no energy for the supermarket struggle. I don't know how or when to go.

    If I go afterwork, thinking since I'm already out, it's most convenient, the stores are crowded, I'm weak and in pain and it's aggravating. I'm too tired to say I'll go at 6:00am in the morning (for 24-hour grocery stores). Plus, I don't like grocery-shopping so I try to cram the bulk of our grocery-shopping in at the beginning of the month.

    Should I be going once a week, getting a few items? We eat a mostly vegetarian lifestyle, but my kids take their lunch to school and we only use soy or almond milk, so milk and supplies for school lunches can run out rather quickly. Plus, I shop at at least two stores----------a local chain (Marc's) for cheap fresh fruits; vegetables; nuts; chicken; cereal; canned goods; frozen pizza; beverages for the kids' school lunches and then a major supermarket/grocer like Giant Eagle or TOPS or Heinens for everything else.

    Any tips?
  2. Astarte

    Astarte New Member

    I do 80%of my grocery shopping at cost co. ALL MEAT is much cheaper than the grocrey store. You don't need to visit as often. You can ask for help to list large items. They are very nice there.

    ALSO, my kids give items for me that require bending over, they also unload my cart at the grocery store. Again, the box boy will bring your groceries and unload them in your car. Free of charges...just be grateful. Again,kids unload the groceries.

    For food to stretch your food bill, the catholic charities offer reduced meals for families, check around online and make phone calls. Churchs and communities are will to help families through hard times if they know you are in need. Especially when it involves kids.

    We just took in a 15 year old homeless girl, 2 months ago. She had nothing. Mom left her for her crack habit. She was sleeping in cars. So now she's here. I contacted everyone I knew, they contacted everyone they knew and I held a Teen Shower for her last night in hopes to help with school clothes, supplies, shoes etc. She ended up with gift cards in excess of $900, that was not including toiletries she was given either. People are willing to help if they are aware you need it.

    I wish you much luck. Contact your local paper, your local news channel, your local churches. I did all this. We all have hard times and your friends and neigbhors will want to help. It makes them feel good to help you and they do really care. I wish you much luck.
  3. kirschbaum26

    kirschbaum26 New Member

    Hi SweetT:

    I am in LA, and there is a grocery store on every corner here...they all compete for your business. They also all over computer shopping and delivery. Some charge $10, but some do it for free, with a minimum purchase ($50). You can even look online and get their weekly bargains. I used to do all my mom's shopping for her, and it was so exhausting...she finally decided to be more independent and now does it on-line about every other week. It is does take a bit of time to get used to the website, but it really does work well.

    Another option is to also do what I do, which is do a major shopping trip once a month and get all the supplies that I can afford, and have room to store, things that I know we will need and use (obviously, mostly non-perishables). I then try to do a weekly perishable trip, and I find that my grocery bags are not as heavy or as expensive as when I do the big shopping trip. I sometimes use a warehouse store (Costco), but sometimes find that they do not have what we need/want, or the package is too big to make it economical.

    One more suggestion, all the stores here have scooters avaiable for shoppers. At first I thought you had to be really disabled to use them, but I see that the stores each have about 10 of them, and they are always being used. Just a thought.

    One more idea...can your kids help? Are they able to take a list and get what you need? I try to make it a game with my daughter, but I find that I cannot take her with me when the stores are crowded. Sunday morning (early) used to be my favorite shopping time, when I worked full time, but now I am on LTD and find it less crowded during the middle of the day.

    Good luck to you.

  4. IndianPrincess

    IndianPrincess New Member

    especially since I told you and Jessy I had to leave early to go to The West Side Market before it closed.

    Well, I don't drive anymore and have to take buses and the Rapid everywhere so it takes alot of planning.

    I break down what I need and make several trips in one day and shopping can take me hours if I do this when I have energy. Otherwise I spread it out over several days.

    And since I have to go by bus, it is very difficult bringing things home. Since I have to make so many trips it is easy to comparison shop too and save big money going to different stores.

    To save money, I get cheese ($1.49 for 8 oz.), cottage cheese (.89), sour cream (.89), canned goods (.35 -.99), cooked shrimp, drink mixes (.69 for 10 pkgs. - $1.89), romaine lettuce ($1.29 for 3 stalks), crackers, salad dressings .99 btl. & bisquits at ALDI. ALDI also has soy products!!!!!

    At TOPS I get whole chicken TOPS brand at .69 lb., ground beef at $1.69 lb., chicken leg qtrs. at .49 lb. These are everyday prices.

    Dave's always has better specials than TOPS on lunch meat.

    West Side Market is MUCH LESS than Marc's and so is TOPS on chicken. Got red peppers there 2 for $1.00 yesterday and 4 packages of strawberries today for $3.00.

    I don't have a shopping cart, just a pull along suitcase and the blue soft side cooler I had with me today.

    Best times to shop are between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. but for those that work it would be tough. Timing seems to be your problem. Evening time is between 9 and 11 before the second shift people get off work.

    Is there a Konni's near you? Spend $50 there and they will deliver for free!!!!! Their meat is good and so is their produce.

    Sorry I had to leave so early but we need to get together next month. You could go grocery shopping with me afterwards.

    I found that weekends are best for grocery shopping.

  5. SweetT

    SweetT New Member

    Back in the '90s, Aldi was a nightmare. Flies would buzz over the produce and my friends would tell me how they got sick off of the milk and meat. Now you say AlDI has soy products? And I see where they have furniture.

    Yes, because we eat a mostly vegetarian diet, we need alot of fresh fruits and vegetables (because I'm trying to stay away from so much pasta and processed food) plus really quality meat (for the 4-6 times per month that we have meat for dinner), like minimally processed meat.

    Yes, Cindy, I would like your help. There's alot that we didn't discuss. I was having a major flare yesterday (I've been mostly bedridden today), so I was out of it.

  6. IndianPrincess

    IndianPrincess New Member

    They have dramatically improved. I quit for years too but I also think all is dependent fo the store and how much product is moved.

    TOPS brand meats (they claim) are without additives.

    Best priced cereal (name brands) appear to be at Marc's. Can't beat $2.48 a box.

    Best priced produce will be at Westside Mkt. but go to Farmer's Markets too!

    Would be glad to help.

  7. Cabbie

    Cabbie New Member

    I don't know if they have it in your area, but Peapod is great for me (it's done by Stop & Shop here, but I think affiliated stores use it in other areas of the country) Check out their website (Peapod) to see if they are in your area. You sign up (free) and order online, pick your delivery date (within 2 weeks of when you order), and pay a delivery fee of $5.95 to $7.95, depending on the amount of your order($50 to $100 or more). The food actually comes from a central warehouse right in my area and packed just before it's delivered. They tell you what the specials are, what you've ordered previously - I love it! In between I'll go into my small neighborhood store for milk, deli meat etc. If your area doesn't have Peapod, maybe some other chain has the same idea.

  8. SweetT

    SweetT New Member

    I appreciate all of the responses. Unfortunately, there are no delivery services that I know of in my area. According to Dr. Pelligrino's book, you should shop when no one else does, and buy only a few things at a time, and make more frequent trips. It's hard with kids, however, because they go through things so quickly. I guess the hardest thing is handling heavy stuff, like jugs of juice and cartons of milk. Fresh veggies and packs of meat and boxes of cereal don't weigh much.

    Perhaps I could take one time per month to only get heavy stuff, and do that during off-shopping times, like 11:00pm Saturday night.

    I did go to the Farmer's market this weekend and was able to get some great fresh fruits and vegetables.
  9. IndianPrincess

    IndianPrincess New Member

    Might be busy at that time. Second shifters will be funneling in and, oh yes, those buying 'mass quantities of alcoholic refreshments' before 1 a.m. Usually there is only one cashier working and I don't think you want to do self-scan!


    p.s. Try calling again. Sorry I couldn't hear you!
  10. SweetT

    SweetT New Member

    so I didn't bother to call back.

    Mark Pelligrino's book says make frequent trips, buying a small amount of things, instead of overloading yourself.

    I'll have to figure it out eventually.

    I just got done shopping at Heinens. What was supposed to be a $20 trip turned into an over $50 one.

    I just have this fear of being cleaned out of food and drink and bedridden. Guess that's why I always pick up extra stuff.
  11. BronzeWomn

    BronzeWomn New Member

    Sweet T. I understand how u feel. I just went to the G-store yesterday after church. I find myself getting tired all the time. When my kids were growing up. Now one want to help get the groceries out the car and put them away and now that everyone is grown here ...the same problem..unless I say..go out and get the groceries and put them away. The only thing they volunteer for is to eat.

    I just get groceries ..once a week.. i time myself and give myself one hour..cause of being on my legs and feet. I try and get it on a weekend when someone else is home and I ask the clerk if I can have help to the car and they unload my bags. I got a handicap sticker from my stepfather..cause my dr won't give me one. But, I really need it especially for the winter monthes and my drs won't give me nothing. I no longer argue with them about this.I get no where. I don't come out the house unless I have to in the wintertime..cause i feel more pain.

    Have the kids help u out if u can..u will be surprise. My kids did this more when they were smaller. What doesn't help is when u look to people like u r not sick. They say..u don't look ill to me. I just don't want to hear it. I know the painssssss i feel all the time EVERYDAY.
  12. Kathleen12

    Kathleen12 New Member

    I can not help you much with the bugeting but the actual shopping I may be of assistance.

    I begin making out a list as soon as I start running low on something and keep addidng to it as needed. When I get a full list, I rearrange it in the order of areas in the grocery store. Example: I list all the pharmacy items first since that is the first area I come to, then I list all the items I need that are in the pet area, then the canned goods, and so forth..that way I nver have to backtrack and by the end of my list I am at the checkout counter.

    I have to do all this by myself but if you have a child old enough, then enlist his/her assistance.

    I have to shop every couple of weeks, but that is to feed only 2-3 people. Hope this helps a bit.
  13. SweetT

    SweetT New Member

    of going grocery-shopping once a month. And accept once a week. I was hoping for every 2 weeks.

    Yes, the kids do help out. I often call them and tell them to meet me outside to take the bags in. Fortunately, I live in a condo-style apartment. I'm on the ground level, so there's no stairs or elevator. Just a few steps from the car to the door. However, the hardest part is making my way through the store to get the stuff.

    And Bronze, if you still look anything like your picture, no, you don't look sick at all. And you also don't look your age. You look much younger. I can tell why you get a hard time getting any type of help.
  14. SweetT

    SweetT New Member

    My problem is switching grocery stores and locations so often that I can never truly learn a store, to know where certain items are.

    I hate to miss a good sale (though I know stores are in competition and usually repeat the other stores' sales), and there are certain stores that only carry certain things that I use.

    For instance, at Marc's I can get cheap fruits/veggies/nuts/cereal/meat, but I need to go to Giant Eagle for organic, meatless products. Plus, at Giant Eagle, I can save 10 cents off a gallon of gas per $50 purchase. So if I spend $150 at Giant Eagle, that's 30 cents off, per gallon of gas! Also, Marc's and Giant Eagle are in the same plazas, in 3 different locations.

    Trouble is, after trudging through one of the stores, there's no energy to make it through the next one. I often make myself, only to crash for the next few days.

    Another thing is, Marc's is only open until 9pm through the week and 8pm on Sunday. Giant Eagle is 24 hours. When I'm already out, after work, is the worst time to go to either, because the stores are packed.
  15. UnicornK

    UnicornK New Member

    Safeway also has a delivery service. Check out there.

    God Bless.

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