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    I'm fairly new to this board but have found it to be the most comforting thing in my life right now. I've had fibro for 10 years and am currently taking klonopin for internal body tremors and xanax when I'm really losing it. Even taking both of these I still don't sleep that well, so I cry a lot! But that is not why I'm writing today. Three weeks ago my family went on a cruise. While getting off the boat I tripped over a step and fell flat, the whole front of me hit the ground except my face and my right breast where my purse was covering it. I picked myself up and the only thing that really hurt was my left breast. I went off to the restroom to inspect the damage and all there was was a little redness. Over the course of the next week the redness went to dark blue and blackness covering my whole left breast. It is now three weeks later and the bruise is nearly gone but i have this lump about as round and as long as your finger right in the middle of where the bruise was. I got so freaked out that I went running to the ER and the doctor there told me that I had a contusion and that a hematoma had formed there. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? Any input to ease my mind would be soooooooo appreciated. Thanks
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    Twenty years ago I jumped to knock cob webs from the corner next to the fire place. When I jumped I hit my right breast on the corner of the mantel...10 years later a mamogram showed w calcium deposit under the nipple (how embarassing to explain the injury to the man reading the mamogram!!). About a month ago I had either an abcess or rising in the same nipple (very, very painful), which happend about the same time I came down with Thrush and swollen lymph nodes...and ultimately the cfs diagnosis...Seems like I always do things up right...and have some really weird things happen.

    Hope you feel better soon!

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    I don't have any good ones left.
    I can offer up some prayer and well wishes though.
    Just tend to that breast. Don't let it slip by. The hemotoma in my ear took 2 surgeries in one week. Horrible.
    And my breast that I ignored thirty-some years ago turned out to be a partial mastectomy the next morning after I had seen a doctor.
    Take care. Luck, laughter and soft teddy hugs.
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    Sounds like you had a terrible fall. I hope that the bruising & your haematoma goes down soon.
    I actually gave myself what I believe was a small haematoma on the wrist about a month ago.
    Husband, the children & I were at a friends house one evening & I can't actually describe exactly what happened.
    I went to stand after sitting in a lounge chair & my watch seemed to catch on the side of the lounge forcing my wrist to connect with the corner of the wood on the lounge. It stang a little & I rubbed it, but it didn't hurt that bad & I didn't really worry about it.
    The area looked fine, (albeit a little red) for a couple of minutes & then it began to blow up! The pain in the area if pushed was unbelievable!
    I could see that the lump that formed was probably blood & it scared me a little.
    Thankfully after a couple of days it went down, but it did 'bruise' before it went away.
    ~*Wishing you a speedy recovery*~