Need a spider expert and have new photos to share

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ckball, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. ckball

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    Hi everyone- I know I have been mia a while but have been busy gettting ready for my art show on Sat. We are including photography this year for the first time so I have been out taking pictures like a mad woman-lol.

    I have a spider that took residence on my front porch, he has a HUGE web that has been there for 4 days. If part is destroyed by something in it, he rebuilds it each night. I did get to see him spinning his web one night, it was very cool.

    The pic of it is at the end of the page. You can click on "slideshow" to get a full page pic. I would appreciate any info on the spider. I am entering a pic of it in the show and would like a name.

    I do hope to be back more after the show, i have also had a kitty with a really bad ear infection which has required a lot of attention twice a day, then the dogs, house, bills, you know-lol. I am looking forward to getting my life back to some kind of "normal". I miss my family and have tried to check in to see how everyone is doing. Thanks for looking- Carla
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    Gee, that is some spider. Sorry I have no idea of what kind of spider it is so you can display it. Now I see what you have been doing and will continue doing until the show is over.

    Good luck on the show and don't tire yourself out !

    See you back on the Porch .

  3. TwoCatDoctors

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    How about searching online for "spiders of [insert your state's name]" and you should come up with the spiders in your state and probably some photos of them. That should be help you refine it down to the particular spider on your porch. That might be your fastest way to find out. Good luck.
  4. gapsych

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    You are so creative and your pictures are great!! I will have to visit your site more often.

    Your picture reminds me of the song, "I don't like spiders and snakes."

    Interesting spider. I don't think I have ever seen one quite like it.

    I hope someone finds out what kind it is.

  5. ckball

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    I did do a little searching and I think it is a Garden Orb Weaving spider. I can see it while sitting on my couch and watched it grab something that flew in it's web eariler. They say the webs can be as long as 6 ft wide.

    I don't know the life span or why or when it will leave.

    I don't know if anyone knew to click on Photo Gallery on my site and you can see my other albums. I have done a few paintings this month but none were what I had hoped to be, but I did post them in the art album.

    Thank you for taking the time to look and glad you enjoyed them-off to my art club meeting, work tomorrow and show on Sat- so if I don't come back I am not ignoring anyone- Carla
  6. rockgor

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    You have a great eye. Was able to see the flower pics the second

    As to the spider, are you sure it's really a spider. Maybe it's
    a horseshoe crab. Haha! Just a little Pacific Ocean humor.

    Tiny white horseshoe crabs often wash up on the beach here. They are
    about the size of a little fingernail.

    "Orb" is a popular crossword answer. The clue is usually something
    like "heavenly body". (I have not seen any heavenly bodies washed
    up on the beach.)

    A few decades ago it was not unusual to find Japanese fishing floats
    for sale in shops at the beach. They were green, about the size of
    a basketball, and made of glass. They had washed up on the CA shore
    after having traveled clear across the Pacific.


  7. mysticbrit

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    You know how much I love your art BUT this is one thread I will not open. The only way I would risk it would be with a can of RAID in my hand. Somehow I don't think that would be good for my computer screen.

    In case you haven't guessed already, I have a MAJOR phobia of those 8-legged monsters.

    Wishing you great reviews.

    Luv to you and your 4-legged friends.

  8. ckball

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    Thanks, I took the spider down so Mystic would go look but I forgot to come back and post to her to let her know-

    It was a garden orb weaving spider. he is gone now, he stayed for about 5-6 days then it got cold and off he went.

    Mystic is terrified of them so if you are reading this it is safe to look now-lol
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  10. rockgor

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    How's the kitty? Better I hope. I've got a feral tom here with
    what looks like mange. I got some meds for it, but as I expected,
    Blackie does not appreciate same.

    His little feline brain cannot seem to make the connection between the
    meds and his improved condition. I think I need a crew of strong men
    to hold him while I apply the magic potion.

    He can sense when I'm in the mood to medicate and heads for the hills.

    Speaking of spiders, I lived in California 40 some years. Finally saw a
    black widow spider. I was sitting on a low well that boarders a lawn.
    The guy I was talking to said, "You might wanna move over this way
    a little. There's a black widow spider near your foot."

    Well, there was a B.W. spider near my foot and another one a couple feet
    away. They had just the kind of small, irregular web described on the net.
    The spiders themselves are about the size of the a wooden match head.
    The whole thing is about the size of a quarter. I read the males are smaller.

    No, I didn't investigate to see if they had a red spot on the tummy.

    This happened about 11 at night. I have read they are often found in old
    wood piles, stuff stored in a barn. Never dreamed they'd be out for
    a night on the town.