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    Hi I'm new so forgive me if this is a topic that has been posted too much. Our mattress is 8 years old and I feel like I am sleeping on rocks despite my foam mattress pad. My rheumy suggested a tempupedic mattress with 3 to 4 inches of the good stuff foam. We are strapped for cash and are moving soon and these mattresses are SO expensive, but we could manage on time payments if it is worth it (I swear I'd steal beg and borrow for something to improve my pain and sleep!). Do any of you have good/bad experiences with these mattresses? If so, which model are you using? Thanks in advance!!!
  2. maedaze

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    I bought a memory foam topper for the bed quite a number of yrs ago.. and it is worth every penny. I don't know about different brands or anything, all i know is it is the foam that nasa invented yrs ago for the astronaughts when taking off. the topper is about 4 inches thick.

    I would totaly recomend getting one, I paid mine off and am sooooo glad i gave it a go. They also use them in hospitals for burns patients. I don't leave home with out it.. Good luck but i don't think you will ever regret it.
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    But then added a foam topper...for me that is very comfy. I have a good friend who's hubby is a chiropractor..and she has ME. They bought a tempurpedic mattress...and she said for her it isn't very comfortable, they have owned it for a few years. I just read an article that said waterbeds have come a long way in comfort and support..and the warmth is so good for aches...that they thought it was the best way to go for FMS, ME/CFS patients. I used to have a waterbed for years...and honestly am considering going back to one.
    I always loved the warmth..and the way I felt so comfy all night in one!
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    We got one a little over a year ago and it is a miracle in my opinion. I still have aches and pains of course, but I sleep much better on it than the any thing else. We purchased the Irish brand of it and it was a few hundred dollars less than the temporpedic brand.