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    I am not sure if anyone will be able to help with this, but everyone here is usually so helpful and informative I thought it might be a good place to ask. My mom has had a problem for years with her urethra (not sure how to spell). It is inflamed and turned inside out. It bleeds and gets irritated and gives her a terrible time. The only time she has ever had relief from it is when she was on hormone pills. She is now using a hormone cream that doesn't help at all.

    She took hormone treatments for years because of menopause, but two years ago she found out she has a problem with her blood being too thick and a risk of clotting. They put her on coumidin so now her blood is thin, but they took her off hormones because they can cause clotting. She went to her gyno this week and begged the nurse practicioner/PA to put her back on hormones to get some relief and the nurse said that because of risk of clotting she would not recommend going back on it, but it was mom's decision. she then left the room and came back and asked mom what she wanted to do. Mom said I want to be put back on hormones because I can't stand this pain and irritation. The nurse then said she didn't think it was a good idea and wouldn't prescribe them.

    Mom is now threatening to go somewhere else and get hormones. I kind of think she is right because since the coumidin has thinned her blood so much there shouldn't be a risk of clotting. She says she would rather take her chances of getting a clot then be in this pain.

    Does anyone have any experience with coumidin and taking hormones? also if anyone has any experience with the uretha problem please comment. I would appreciate any and all help or suggestions. I hate to think of my mom in this pain and also risking her life. I would like to give her some suggestions. Thank you for any help.
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    Thank you Elles. That does help me to know how bad it is for my mom. I can't stand for her to be in that situation. I think she probably should take them too.
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    Anyone else?

    I am flaring bad so I may not be able to check this for a few days. Would someone keep it bumped for me to see if anyone can help? My legs are swollen from a 10 hour ride and doing too much today. I am in Orlando for the rest of this week and it is so beautiful here. I left North Carolina this morning and it was so cold and then it was 85 degrees here. Weird. I have never experienced a climate change like that before. I guess I am just a country bumpkin who doesn't get out much. We are staying at the Gaylord Resort for a KFC convention.

    Thanks to any who can help.
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    Bumping again
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    pill inserted "up" is meant to be best way to help. Also, I believe there is a 20 min surgery where they sling the bladder floor and this helps the urethra too.

    Love Anne C
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    I'd recommend an estrogen patch instead of oral estrogen for several reasons. The estrogen from the patch is directly absorbed into the blood while oral estrogen passes through the liver first before it goes to the blood. In the first pass through the liver a significant amount of estrogen is degraded and therefore, 10 times more estrogen needs to be in the pill than in the patch to get the same result. Second, on the first pass through the liver, estrogen increases the synthesis of fibrin and c reactive protein which is involved in clot formation.

    Therefore, , less estrogen is needed in the patch to do the job and research studies at leading universities have shown that fibrin and c reactive protein levels do NOT increase in women on the patch but these 2 proteins are significantly increased in women in the oral estrogen groups.

    Clot formation CAN still occur in women on the patch but it is more unlikely to happen than in women on oral estrogen.
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    Thank you so much Cromwell and Proteinlady!! I really appreciate it.
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    I would really recommend taking your Mother to a good Urologist for a consultation. That type of doc might be more qualified to see if your mother's problem could be helped.

    It seems like she should be able to have something done to permanently help her other than just taking hormones!

    If you have not gone this route, I would seriously consider it!

    I've been on hormones for a long time, but never with coumindin.

    I read your bio and I sounds like you have a lot of the same problems that I do. I also have systemic lupus. You are a very beautiful, attractive lady.

    I hope you mother can find something to help her.


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